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The National Post just got more Toronto Sun-like.

If you missed it, Warren Kinsella resigned as a columnist from the National Post for a variety of reasons, including the fact that he found their right-wing attitude on First Nations issues, human rights, and racism issues appalling.

The National Post promptly goes out and hires one Kathy Shaidle (who will not get a link to her site from me), whose attitude on all the issues Warren mentioned is even worse then the Post’s editorial position. Her first article, not surprisingly, is decrying the Conservative government for not publicly defending Ezra Levant or for publicly supporting Keith Martin’s attempt to eviscerate the Canadian Human Rights Commission with his private bill.

Normally, if it was any other media outlet, I’d be calling for people to write into the National Post asking the Editors if they really want someone like this writing for their paper with some of the more repulsive things she’s said, but in this case, I’m not sure the Post would care. On the other hand, no business, even a media outlet, likes bad publicity.

[email protected] 4:06pm: Per some other people, its possible this was just a freelance piece the NP got from the 5 feet of foaming at the mouth blogger, though it doesn’t specifically say “Guest columnist” in the tagline – it says “Kathy Shaidle, National Post” in the tagline. I suppose that could be the same for all their columnists, guest writing or otherwise. Even if it is only a guest column, it still doesn’t say much for the NP to be giving her a forum, considering all the despicable stuff she’s written at her blog over the years. I’m now more apt to be encouraging people to collect what she’s advocated over the years and ask the NP if they really want to be associated with what she’s written – guest column or otherwise.

3 comments to The National Post just got more Toronto Sun-like.

  • mike h

    i read this and alot of your pstd scott..first i think she has way more credentials than you in journalism. there any liberals that will ever be happy untill every media outlet only releases the liberal view? lets face it..right now the liberals are desperate to get back into the point that they will do and say anything to get there.

  • A reader told me that Steyn turned the Post onto Shaidle.

  • See how long it takes for this to blow up in their faces.  (Also, it might be a freelance piece the post just bought.  Star’s bought a couple of mine on occasion)

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