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A Layton CONspiracy?

Many Liberals suspect that the NDP and Conservatives are in an unholy yet informal alliance to try to totally obliterate the Liberals from the electoral map. Is this picture proof of that?

On the left is Christian Conservative. On the right is.. well.. you don’t really need me to tell you who that is, do you? Christian Con. isn’t even hiding from this picture – he’s actually proudly posting it at his site.

Now, I’m not a conspiracy theory person usually… but I wanna know what was said at this meeting of the minds 😉



So much for the right-wing blogging boycott of Earth Hour.

More evidence that these bitter ranting/raving climate change denying folks are the Flat-Earth Society members of our time; that they are massively on the wrong side of this issue – and that Canadians ignored such rantings and appeals to ignore it, and instead endorsed it:

Canada had one of the highest participation rates around the globe with over 150 cities participating. Great job Canada! Many buildings and landmarks also turned off their lights. These included the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Toronto Eaton Centre, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Honest Ed’s in Ontario; all buildings in which VanCity, BC Hydro and City of Vancouver operate; and the MacDonald Bridge, City Hall, and Parade Square in Halifax.

I can also add on a personal note that it wasn’t just those “Liberal/liberal/socialist” areas of Canada that participated in this. I was with people who were going to a wedding reception in the small town of Delhi Ontario last night around that time. Delhi is in the heart of what was once prime tobacco growing country and very rural. It too turned out the lights of its muncipal buildings and had invited people to come join and commemorate the event at the darkened community centre. You could see literally hundreds of people in there through the windows of the centre – hundred out of a small town of several thousand on a Saturday night. It was very impressive.

(H/T: Wise Law Blog)


A symbolic snub for a symbolic event shows the Cons. disregard for the Environment.

Earth Hour was not going to fix the world’s problems with climate change – but it was meant to symbolize the effort to do so. In that vein, it was also symbolic to see what Harper’s reaction and the PMO’s reaction was to this event, which shows they could care less:

Thanks to its place of prominence in the capital, 24 Sussex Dr., the Prime Minister’s residence, is always easy to spot. As Ottawa went dark last night for Earth Hour, it was even easier. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s lights stayed on…two ground-floor rooms in Harper’s house stayed on and inquiries to a PMO spokesperson were not returned. The third-floor […]


WordPress 2.5 released

This is a major upgrade release for WordPress, so if you see any bugs, let me know.  I also am specifically writing this to alert my Progressive Blogger members who use WordPress and who are using it on the WordPress server to consider an upgrade to see if they’ve fixed the specific feed problem that has cropped up with WordPress server-based blogs feeds only sending the title and the letter ‘A’ for a summary.


Pleas for Liberal principles in the news.

It looks like the Liberal grassroots and bloggers aren’t the only ones who take issue with the Nervous Nellies in the Liberal caucus over their fear of going to an election. It’s also taking root in our traditional allies – witness this quote in the paper over the proposed changes to the Immigration Act and the Liberals decision not to bring the government down over it (the changes are within the Budget Implementation Act):

“How can this party portray itself as the party of immigration, the Trudeau era of multiculturalism, and here you have this dangerous piece of legislation and you might let it pass because you’re not organized enough […]


More indications Hillary’s campaign is done.

Reason #1: I’ve pointed out to Steve V who is another one like myself who follows the US race and polls fairly closely that Rasmussen’s polling has been showing recovery for Obama national in polls since his big speech on race relations. Steve doesn’t like Rasmussen because of some shortfalls they’ve had on other polling vs actual results, so I give him Gallup’s new poll which shows Obama is back to a national pre-Wright controversy lead on Clinton:

Obama’s current 8-point advantage ties his largest lead of the Gallup Poll Daily tracking program, along with a 50% to 42% showing in Feb. 28-March 1 polling. Obama clearly has weathered the Wright storm, while the dark clouds have shifted to Clinton over whether she has exaggerated her foreign policy credentials. This week she has had to defend her repeated claim that she came under sniper fire while visiting Bosnia as first lady, which news video clearly disputed.

Reason #2: DNC Chairman Howard Dean is now making the media rounds publicly calling on the remaining undecided Democratic  super-delegates to make a decision on what candidate they support by no later then July 1st, after the last states have voted in June. He believes it a mistake for Democrats to take this divided mess to the Convention floor which will hurt them in the elections. This in effect short-circuits Clinton’s attempts to bloody Obama leading up to and at the Convention.

Reason #3: Supers are already stating to realize they can’t have a divisive convention: see PA. conservative Democratic senator Bill Casey and his surprise endorsement of Obama today as evidence of that, where he stated he wanted to help unify the party, and Vermont senator Patrick Leahy publicly calling on Clinton to withdraw because of her having no chance of getting enough delegates to win the nomination, as well as for the Dems to be able to unite and go at McCain.

The writing on the wall is there. It’s now whether or not Clinton can read it (or wants to read it).


Friday Mar 28 bits and bites – political, everyday, and geeky stuff.

Everyday stuff first: Thanks to all those who wished me a Happy Birthday on Tuesday; very surprised how many birthday greetings I got, but appreciative. Also, my thumb is feeling much better from my tree accident, though it’s still a tad stiff and sore. I’m also amused to hear everyone grouse about the latest winter.. er.. spring snowfall we had last night in Southern Ontario. Just remember that the farmers love it for all the extra moisture it adds to the soil.

Geeky stuff next: I’ve updated the Text Editor that people use to leave comments here. The newest revision allows you to edit your comment using HTML codes by […]


Thursday am thoughts

– Shorter Jim Travers: Even though the Conservatives fighting with Ontario and others seems to be stupid and counter-productive, it’s really brilliant. The rest of us other then Jim just can’t see it, I guess.

– I see John Manley is now trying to play as a peace envoy here between Ontario and the Feds. I’m rather sure Flaherty and Harper won’t listen.

– This might be a good sign for those of us who believe Canada trampled on Omar Khadr’s rights as a citizen – the Supreme Court Justices were giving the government lawyer a grilling on the topic, and seemed sceptical over the government’s claims.

– This is […]


Stephane needs to pull the trigger on this government soon.

I’ve been saying that for awhile – since October actually, as anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows. But, my urging him to pull the trigger sooner rather then later becomes all the more urgent with the news that the whispered mutiny in the Quebec Liberal ranks has become open mutiny.

I’m rather hard-line on this attempted coup d’etat myself, as have been some other bloggers in the Liberal blogosphere. I’m all for dissent if certain policies or ideas by the Liberal leadership don’t seem right (I think I’ve done a fair bit of dissent on certain positions I disagree with on here) , and criticisms raised […]


On Clinton and her supporters grasping for straws: the popular vote argument.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters have been using increasingly desperate logic to try and justify to the uncommitted super-delegates to vote for her at the Democratic Convention, even if Obama is ahead of her in “pledged” or voted delegates.  One example of that was Senator Evan Bayh – Clinton supporter and DLC member – suggesting that it’s better to measure the success of the candidates not by delegates earned, but by the electoral votes of the states they’ve won.

The other one of course has been popular vote.  The supporters of Clinton down there and the Clinton contingent amongst the blogs up here keep getting on suggesting that if Clinton wins the popular vote, even if behind on delegates, that would be enough reason for superdelegates to vote for her rather then Obama.

Interesting argument, except it’s a scenario not going to happen – Markos at Daily Kos explains why, as he discusses record registration of Democrats voting in Pennsylvania:

Obama’s current popular vote advantage is 813,051, which omits turnout for the Texas caucuses (which Obama won). Let’s say turnout is ridiculous, with 100 percent of Democrats voting. That means that if all 4 million voted, and Clinton won by 20 points, that 800,000 vote advantage would still not be enough to overtake Obama in the popular vote. And given Obama’s currently huge lead in the only other large state left in the race — North Carolina — her chances of making up the deficit are practically zero. But of course, turnout won’t be 100 percent, and she won’t win by 20 percent of the vote. So it won’t even be this close.

I look forward to the next moving of goalposts that the Clinton team comes up with to justify her staying in the race and to use to  appeal to super-delegates to vote for her.

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