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Friday bits and bites

– Another winter storm on its way to Southern Ontario – possibly the biggest and longest one (2 day event according to the weather people) of the winter. Is Wiarton Willie and the groundhog out east in the Witness Protection Program yet for calling for an early spring? 🙂 Punxsutawney Phil in PA however is looking like he was right on the money with his 6 more weeks of winter prediction.

– Does this NAFTA leak which may have influenced the US Democratic Primary race in Ohio and Texas make the Prime Minister’s Office look incompetent as a couple of columnists have suggested for yet another faux pas they’ve committed? Yes. Will he fire anyone over it? I have my doubts. Will it cause the government to fall? Nope, but it sure will make good election campaign fodder.

– I was talking to an OYL Riding President this AM. I asked him what his feeling was about how the Ontario Young Liberals elections would shake out in Hamilton this weekend. He told me he’d bet that the 2 slates would probably split the positions between them. That would make for an interesting result, as that would either force the 2 sides to reconcile to each other’s positions and work together, or it could cause battles over OYL policy and procedure, which might get rather heated.


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