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Live political chat on the byelection results as they happen this evening.

I’ve mentioned this already in our announcements at Prog Blog and in my Facebook status message, but for those of you who are political junkies/geeks and want to talk politics and discuss the byelection results as they happen, join us at the Canadian Politics chatsite that David Graham is hosting at his blog.

Click on this link, and when you get there, choose a name/handle/alias for yourself in the text box provided, and click on the “Join The Conversation” Button. (You can also access the chatsite via IRC software and instructions are provided at the aforementioned link on how to do that, but this is the simple way to join in the conversation).

UPDATE: Byelection results from ALL ridings will be starting to come in after 10 pm EST – so the CBC says.. so that would be probably when the best time would be to get on and chitchat.


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