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Stockwell Day: Standing on Guard For Thee.

Don’t you feel safer knowing that Stock Day is the guy in charge of Public Safety in Canada? No?

You have good reason not to. He can’t even keep top secret blueprints of the building which will hold the new counter-terrorism unit from being thrown out in the garbage – unshredded – by his own Department, by the Dept. Of National Defence for any random person to find:

Mr. Day was asked Thursday about the 26 blueprints, which the Ottawa Citizen said were found March 13 by an Ottawa couple in a pile of garbage on Bank Street.The documents, stamped with Department of National Defence markings, show the floor plan for the new home of the Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit at CFB Trenton, Ont., and include sensitive details such as the location of security fencing, the electrical grid scheme and details about the sewer system, the newspaper reports.

But never fear, Stockwell Day is here:

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says he has “great confidence” in government security measures in Ottawa… “We have a very secure parliamentary precinct,” he said.

Well, that makes me feel safer already. Thanks Stock for putting my mind at ease, both about the security of the place, and your ability to lead the Public Safety Department and protect all Canadians (not).

(By the way, does anyone else refer to the area around there as a “precinct”? That conjures up the image of the place having police buildings surrounding the place, or something)

[email protected] 4:06pm: I had a little discussion with Kady O’Malley of Macleans who’s based in Ottawa. She does say that the precinct is an actual term, but if these documents were found where the various reports say they were – Bank St, Glebe District, 15 minutes walk from downtown Ottawa – Kady says those documents in that location is not remotely close to the “parliamentary precinct”. So, while Stock assures us the parliamentary precinct is safe, unfortunately the documents were found outside of said “secure parliamentary precinct”… so I’m not sure those assurances of Stock make me feel any better.

UPDATE [email protected]:22pm: I should also be giving raspberries to Peter MacKay, since he’s the head of the Department whose employees decided that since there wasn’t a shredder nearby, throwing it out in the garbage would be fine. I just found Stock’s reassurances on how secure the parliamentary precinct was to be amusing – even more so now that we find the documents weren’t even located there.. so he was either clueless where the documents had been discovered or else was well aware, and throwing out a red herring (or both).


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  • slg

    Oh they’ll come out with their excuses – BUT, the Liberals can use the CPC line – "it was under your watch".


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