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It’s a good thing Brenda Martin isn’t imprisoned without charge in Greenland..

…I mean, there would be no excuse for Helena Guergis to use to travel there so she could get some sun and vacation time in, rather then visiting a Canadian who’s being held in a prison without charge. This is the same Helena Guergis who breached Dion’s and Ignatieff’s security by doing a partisan attack on their visit to Afghanistan and blowing their cover when she revealed where they were going to be before they had reached the destination – a security no-no. She’s just put on display more of her incompetence and worse, her utter disinterest in a Canadian’s fate (though she obviously did enjoy the socialite scene down there). She’s done so badly on this file (and in my opinion, as a Minister in general since she got named to the position) that even the National Post calls her ineffectual. Harper should remove her from her post, but he won’t, as that would be a sign of weakness.

The fact that we’re no longer asking for clemency for Canadians facing the death penalty in foreign prisons if the country has a “credible justice system” is bad enough, but apparently the lack of interest in Canadians extends to others who aren’t even facing that – or even facing charges. The belated reaction to this by the Conservative government was only done when they realized how potentially damaging it was to them in the media and for public opinion, when it was shown no one had lifted a finger to try and help her get some justice in her situation.


20 comments to It’s a good thing Brenda Martin isn’t imprisoned without charge in Greenland..

  • Ratty

    We’re not talking about Aung Sung in Myamar in this situation. Brenda Martin, by several people who new her, is a rather unpleasant self promoter, with drug and alcohol problems, who was involved with imprisoned felons, was in Mexico illegally, and seemingly made attempt to learn the language. Certainly, the consular people should check up on her, but let’s not waste a bunch of public money elevating her case (and her) into an international incident. There are many other people infinitely more worthy of the martyr label.

  • ted

    well, its coming down to the wire, the judge will find her guilty, and the fact that she refused to sign the prisoner transfer to Canada form means that she is in a whole lot of doo doo.

    sure Mexico has some bad people, so do we ( in fact I am seeing every day in toronto killings/kidnappings/assaults)

    the Mexicans have evidence on her that has not been divulged yet, thats why she was desperate to get the Canadian governemtnt o get her out of their, she does not want a trial.

    so without that prisoner transfer form we cant take her back to Canada if she is found guilty, and she will probably get5 to 10 years.

    she made a lot of powerfull enemies in Mexico, and they are “out to get her”

    look at the way way she puts down our governement when we stepped up our effors to help her,

    She had a “free pass” a couple of years ago when she was captured in the U.S.A. and the Canadian government would at that time take her back (in shackles of course)

    This person is one bad person, evil to the bone.

    I also notice her support in the last week or two has gone way down .

    She is “done like xmas dinne” I heard even her boyfriend got rid of her.


  • I can’t believe what the Mexican goverment is doing to people like Brenda Martin. In Mexico its common for parents on vacation to be murdered in there hotel room, having your wife raped, being murdered for a few dollars. What happens when you go to the authorities and find that they are just as corrupt as the criminals. I for one am boycotting Mexico until the goverment trys to resolve their internal corruption. I found a petition that may help put pressure on the Mexican goverment to change.

  • vcc:

    Your story is all hearsay as far as I’m concerned, unless you want to go on public record (without using an alias) so your story can be checked.

  • vcc

    I knew Brenda in Puerto Vallarta and she was not someone you wanted to upset and often had the effect of making everyone want to duck and cover when she entered an establishment. She has been known to be extremely arrogant and loves to pick a fight. She worked without a visa, she never learned the language in the 10 years she lived there and she put another woman in jail so the authorities would go easier on her.
    There are stories about her not wanting to move from her current living space as the alternative had no fridge. That along with a call she couldn’t take because she was involved in a beauty pageant sounds like the Brenda we know.
    I do not believe she is guilty of the charges against her but what I do believe is that she made someone important in Puerto Vallarta very angry and her past connections gave them an excuse to finally rid themselves of her belligerence.

  • Sorry, my html sucks, this is the website I was trying to point to.  The guy selling this book worked with her so who knows who’s really telling the truth, but Brenda Martin was thrown in jail in February ’06 and the American woman in March; heard through the grapevine (some friends in puerto Vallarta) that the American owned a shop, a home, was the first female member of the Rotary club in PV.  Now she’s in jail because of Brenda Martin.
    With friends like that I think a little bit of karmic go-around does a Martin good.

  • Ted

    I saw the true character of this con artist Brenda Martin,  she evidently “turned” in the American woman in exchange for “leniency”  This woman is a piece of  sh#t..     she did not get her leniency, and she turned in a friend to authorities.   

    what in Gods name are you do gooders trying to do.   this Brenda Martin is a criminal.  and why in hell would you want her back here??? 


  • American Mike

    I cannot understand why nobody in Canada knows about the Canadian that Brenda Martin worked with in Mexico and the <a href=””>book he wrote about the scam</a>.  I also cannot understand why nobody mentions in all the hoopla about Save Brenda that she put an American woman in jail.  Canadian media is awful for interpreting facts for the Canadian public (ie <a href=””>a chunk of ice falls into the ocean and suddenly it’s ‘global warming’ time despite the REST of the facts</a>, and I suppose American media isn’t any better, but can somebody tell me why I hear this guy on American radio but almost never Canadian?

  • Cliff

    Well Red Canuck;
    Government officials have various reasons for travel to all countries for both Business development and official government functions. members of all parties have these official functions…even the Liberal dominated senate that has been well noted for abusing these functions.
    It is also important to note that substantial work on her behalf can be done without a visit…especially in light of her recent comments that the last visit by Conservative MP’s unappreciated and critized by Ms. Martin as a photo op.
    Now lets look at the partianship issue, if Ms. Guergis were to visit her McTeague and the libs would claim it was another photo op, realistically, no matter what they do is unappreciated.
    Again, I ask….OFFER SOLUTIONS… continues to remain easy to complain and be partison…what would the libs do to get her out of another country…how would they circumvent their Justice System. That’s the problem…your chronic complainers with no viable solutions….

  • Myra

    Anyone wishing to support Brenda Martin please see;


    Thank you


  • Cliff – I’m not a foreign diplomat or a lawyer, so I don’t know what specific mechanisms are in place to deal with such issues.  I have heard that a formal letter of protest could be written, but hasn’t (merely a diplomatic note).  Further, the government could issue a public warning against travelling to Mexico, which could have an impact on the Mexican tourism industry.

    What I do know for damn sure is that sending that worthless airhead Helena Guergis on a junket to snack on canapes with expat Canadians didn’t do a damn thing except waste my tax money.  Now maybe you can answer these questions:  do you think that Guergis was right to attend a party a few kms from Ms. Wilson, and not even bother to pay her a visit?  If you are so convinced that this is a hopeless situation, then why did the gov’t send her down there at all? What purpose did her taxpayer funded visit serve?

  • Cliff

    Well…red canuck….offer solutions…..easy to complain and be partison…what would the libs do to get her out of another country…how would circumvent their Justice System. That the problem…your chronic complainers with no viable solutions….

  • Cliff

    Well…red canuck….offer solutions…..easy to complain and be partison…what would the libs do to get her out of another country…how would circumvent their Justice System.
    That the problem…your chronic complainer with no viable solutions….

  • Cliff  – <i>are you suggesting we invade</i>

    Don’t be asinine.   Scott’s point, for any of you CPC footsoldiers that have retained a vestige of independent thought, is that this woman has been languishing in a Mexican prison for a long time, without any apparent access to due process.  Harper and Co. only started paying any attention to her when it became a media issue.  What were they doing for Ms Martin prior to this?  Nothing.  And what are all you compassionate conservatives doing now?  Other than sending bimbos like Guergis down to attend cocktail parties, and somehow blaming Ms. Martin for her plight, not much more.  If it was your ass in that prison, I doubt you’d be so cavalier about "viable solutions".

  • L. emersonia

    MP Guergis was in Mexico in January to do what, exactly?

    What did Canadian taxpayers pay MP Guergis to do at that time?  Did MP Guergis check on Ms. Martin’s health and welfare?  Check that her rights were being upheld?  Check that Ms. Martin had representation, translation, and the office of the Consul was moving on the file as per Canada’s requirements?   I await the information on what Ms. Guergis did for Canada or any Canadians January 2008 in Mexico.

    In light of the ‘harmonization’ of the three North American country’s policies, surely PM Harper could bring some weight to bear in this case.  Ex-PM Martin has and is; which is what spurred the recent ‘dog & pony’ shows by Kenney and crew.

    Canadians need to know just what taxpayer-funded junkets to far-off lands are accomplishing.

  • Cliff

    Let me get this right…if a Conservative visits Ms. Martin, they are accused by Ms. Martin of going simply for a photo op…..but, if they do not visit…they don’t care…it seems that they cannot win either way.
    Now for all the partisan Liberals, what should Harper do with this file. Mexico is a sovereign government with its own laws and judicial system. Ms. Martin has chosen to delay this file by changing lawyers and initiating actions that have caused substantial delays. The Canadian government has had over 100 contacts.
    Now, lets consider, what could Mr. Harper do if their was a Mexican held in our system, quite honestly there is nothing he could do to circumvent the justice system….it does not matter whether she is innocent or guilty, she is in the hands of a foreign justice system, we all know this when we travel abroad.
    For all the partisans out there, what would the liberals do if they were in power…are you suggesting we invade…it is easy to complain as the libs are famous for doing, but how about forgetting the partisanship in this delicate matter, and provide viable solutions.
    Complaining for partisanship purposes only offers false hopes when you offer no viable solutions.

  • L. emersonia

    I think MP Guergis was in Mexico to make her wedding arrangements and popped into a party after.  Canadians in general are far from her mind, let alone a Canadian in trouble.  Only bad and unworthy Canadians get into trouble.  And they deserve it.

    The Con talking points are as follows: a) it’s an independent country and we cant do anything; b) she was up to something or she wouldn’t be in trouble; c)  apparently she is a bad cook and a heavy drinker; d) she was working in Mexico without a green card.

    Simply slagging Ms. Martin now will be what passes for Harper Con ‘Standing Up For Canadians’.

  • M Harris:

    Are you trying to say that you don’t mind that Helena Guergis who was looking after her file should be socializing at a party and not bothering to even visit Ms. Martin who’s languishing in a prison a few miles away? Or, that the Conservative government had no inclination to do anything for her until our media went down and investigated the story?

    I’m pointing out the extreme disinterest and lack of wanting to help a Canadian citizen in trouble that the government showed, and the extreme incompetence and lack of caring on the file that Ms. Guergis in particular showed. I know that for some Conservative Kool-Aid drinkers.. its hard to admit their folks screwed up.. but they did. The truth hurts, doesnt it?

  • M Harris

    Scott…what do you propose that the PM or minister do? We all know that what the Mexican authorities have done is a crock of shit…but do we have a right to demand that they release her?? Sure we do and they can tell us to go F**K ourselves. They have there laws and right or wrong they dont have to even act like we even talk to them. Then what..we can sail our aircraft carrier off there coast and threaten them? Oh ya..we dont have one because Canada has be lackluster is defence spending for many many years. Lets threaten a trade war..nope..because then our largest trading partner is involved and that would really raise the stink level up high. We need to hope that through diplomatic talks that our current govt can get her released. I hope with all my heart that she is free soon but for now bashing the pm and his ministers for lack of inaction when what they can do is really limited is not fair. I want an election!!

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