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Stephane needs to pull the trigger on this government soon.

I’ve been saying that for awhile – since October actually, as anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows. But, my urging him to pull the trigger sooner rather then later becomes all the more urgent with the news that the whispered mutiny in the Quebec Liberal ranks has become open mutiny.

I’m rather hard-line on this attempted coup d’etat myself, as have been some other bloggers in the Liberal blogosphere. I’m all for dissent if certain policies or ideas by the Liberal leadership don’t seem right (I think I’ve done a fair bit of dissent on certain positions I disagree with on here) , and criticisms raised on tactics and personnel in place are fair game, which is why I got annoyed at the recent “what have you done for the Liberal Party” meme nonsense seemingly aimed at certain bloggers and party members levelling criticism of the Liberal Party strategy of abstention, if that can be called a strategy.

Open mutiny however from the Quebec wing of the Liberal Party, which started a minute after Dion was pronounced the winner in Montreal, isn’t acceptable to me. I was there blogging that convention in my pre-Liberal days. I saw the reaction of some of that wing from people who never accepted Dion as the winner. I agree with Jeff over at comments here that they have been out to get Dion ever since, and I think the ploy by some over there to try to get Dion to resign is idiotic and suicidal. Can anyone name in Canadian political history an instance where a leader was newly elected/chosen by a party, who then proceeded to remove him or force his resignation before he even faced an election? Not even the Progressive Conservatives and the Alliance in all their famous back-stabbing of leaders managed to accomplish that ignominious feat. If you think the Liberal Party is getting bashed now – if that move is attempted and was successful, we’d be getting double the scorn.

That all being said – this gets worse, not better, the longer Dion and his advisers refuse to bring down the government. The very people that supported him at Montreal are getting a tad disgruntled with this abstaining policy, and he wont find support there against this attempted mutiny by continuing to let this fester. I say to Dion and his advisers to go to an election and let the chips fall where they may. If he loses, I have no problem with calls for his resignation. If he wins on the other hand – even if only a minority, it should end the complaining.

Additional thought: Liza Frulla has no business lecturing anyone on how to run the Liberal Party or how to run campaigns. Check out how Paul Martin worked out (as Paul Wells reminds us), and see the 1995 Quebec referendum and what strategy she was urging Chretien to employ and what she was telling other Liberals to do (or not do) for evidence of that. Check out Chapter 6, page 119 in Lawrence Martin’s book on Jean Chretien if you can’t find that online (Hat-tip to Joseph Angolano, fellow Liberal, former adversary of mine in the Ontario MMP campaign, and also an apparent fan of my blog for some reason for that reminder).


6 comments to Stephane needs to pull the trigger on this government soon.

  • I hate to state the obvious, but it’s pretty clear that these guys don’t care WHO the leader is, as long as they’re telling him what to do.

    (I presume that mostly boils down to "let Quebec separate in all but name", but perhaps I’m being a bit uncharitable.)

  • Ted

    The best thing for the Liberal party would be a general election. That would mute all the mutiny and discontent. If Dion becomes PM, he stays, if he loses seats, he goes. My hunch is he thinks its the latter and wants to play for time.

  • Joseph Angolano

    Thanks for the plug Scott.

    This is no mutiny. This is an organizational issue that can and must be fixed.

    What you have is a nobody that is getting a lot of publicity from a Montreal rag that wants to engage in yellow journalism. That cheap gossip column you can have for 15 cents at a newsstand in Montreal. Mad props to the person who can tell me who I’m quoting.

    Then you have Liza Frulla – and my opinions on her are well documented. Her lecturing Dion – or anyone for that matter – on election strategy is like Michael Spinks giving a class on how to knock out Mike Tyson.

    Then you have Steve Pinkus, who according to his interview on Mike Duffy Live wants Dion to come in and sort this whole thing out.

    It’s time to bear down and solve these problems now. Stop the bickering. Laying fault gets you nowhere. You have a problem. Stop whining. Get to the root of it and solve it. Fan this into a full civil war and we may as well make the Opposition benches our permanent residence.

  • janfromthebruce

    Is the house of Dion crumbling? That’s just some irony here to lighten up.

  • mushroom

    Latest article fresh off the press.

    It will get to a head tomorrow.  Iggy has been in Montreal for the past two days.  If both of him and Dion manage to work on a strategy and satisfy the wishes of the Grit hawks in Quebec, then you have made a good point.

  • Would some please be nice enough to  inform me as to how many people have be chosen to run  in Quebec  so far. I only know of 2 or 3, and this is  a disgrace, and  is  going to give Harper a majority

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