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More indications Hillary’s campaign is done.

Reason #1: I’ve pointed out to Steve V who is another one like myself who follows the US race and polls fairly closely that Rasmussen’s polling has been showing recovery for Obama national in polls since his big speech on race relations. Steve doesn’t like Rasmussen because of some shortfalls they’ve had on other polling vs actual results, so I give him Gallup’s new poll which shows Obama is back to a national pre-Wright controversy lead on Clinton:

Obama’s current 8-point advantage ties his largest lead of the Gallup Poll Daily tracking program, along with a 50% to 42% showing in Feb. 28-March 1 polling. Obama clearly has weathered the Wright storm, while the dark clouds have shifted to Clinton over whether she has exaggerated her foreign policy credentials. This week she has had to defend her repeated claim that she came under sniper fire while visiting Bosnia as first lady, which news video clearly disputed.

Reason #2: DNC Chairman Howard Dean is now making the media rounds publicly calling on the remaining undecided Democratic  super-delegates to make a decision on what candidate they support by no later then July 1st, after the last states have voted in June. He believes it a mistake for Democrats to take this divided mess to the Convention floor which will hurt them in the elections. This in effect short-circuits Clinton’s attempts to bloody Obama leading up to and at the Convention.

Reason #3: Supers are already stating to realize they can’t have a divisive convention: see PA. conservative Democratic senator Bill Casey and his surprise endorsement of Obama today as evidence of that, where he stated he wanted to help unify the party, and Vermont senator Patrick Leahy publicly calling on Clinton to withdraw because of her having no chance of getting enough delegates to win the nomination, as well as for the Dems to be able to unite and go at McCain.

The writing on the wall is there. It’s now whether or not Clinton can read it (or wants to read it).


12 comments to More indications Hillary’s campaign is done.

  • Ted

    “hussein obama has no chance whatsoever of beating mccain…”

    liberal” who deliberately uses “hussein” – which is a codeword for all far right-wingers to use to imply he’s a closet Muslim –

    As a conservative I do not care to use Obama’s middle name. People see it as an insinuation, and they are right. Liberals always made fun of Richard Nixons unusual middle name (Millhouse),the geeky nerdy middle name infuenced the Simpsons character. Senator George Allan got constantly ribbed for his middle name (Felix), insinuating he is like Felix Unger.
    Jason Cherniak insinuated that Frank Klees is an Orangeman because he he held a fundraiser in a former Orange orphanage, somewhat bizzare or MaCarthyite. The building also rents to countless non profit groups such as the Autistic Society, a Montessori School, and York Region Epilepsy.

  • And there were the actual mechanics of the thing, and all it might portend…..

    Specifically, Obama came through the Wright situation unscathed, not by waffling or going negative but instead, as Jon Stewart noted, by ‘talking to Americans like adults’.


  • Right.. a "liberal" who deliberately uses "hussein"  – which is a codeword for all far right-wingers to use to imply he’s a closet Muslim –

    I normally don’t allow people who use fake email addresses to leave comments on here.. but the combination of calling yourself a liberal and then deliberately using his middle name as a derogatory remark made me decide to leave your ridiculous remark.

    (By the way "me", national polls still show Obama has a better chance of beating McCain then Hillary does).

  • me

    here is the point, hussein obama has no chance whatsoever of beating mccain…not a chance in hell, women who will be pissed at the wind bag, will flock to him..the only chance women had is this time, and men who secretly want any man before a woman will elect mccain, and as a liberal myself, i would recomend anyone who knows anything about national economics, to to stay as far away to hussein as possible….and vote for mccain….

  • Ted

    Re. Nader….you have to hand it to workhorse.He has a point, he just loves to tell the powers that be to stick it, no matter who they are.

  • slg

    A startling ally is calling on Senator Clinton to resist suggestions that she consider abandoning the presidential race: Ralph Nader, the independent presidential candidate who arguably cost Al Gore the presidency in 2000.Nader has released a statement reacting to comments by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) suggesting an apparently insurmountable lead by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.):"Senator Clinton:

    "Just read where Senator Patrick Leahy is calling on you to drop out of the Presidential race. Believe me.

    I know something about this. Here’s my advice: Don’t listen to people when they tell you not to run anymore. That’s just political bigotry.

    "Listen to your own inner citizen First Amendment voice. This is America. Just like every other citizen, you have a right to run. Whenever you like. For as long as you like.

    "It’s up to you, Hillary. Just tell them — It’s democracy. Get used to it.

    "Yours truly, Ralph Nader"
    …’s called democracy and quite frankly she owes her supporters her best shot at it.

    Notice – the ones telling her to step down are ALL Obama supporters.

  • ted

    Re. Senator Bill Casey
    This is not a big surprise. Bill Clinton caved into the feminist lobby blocking Governor Bill Casey (the senators father) from speaking at the convention. Both Casey’s hold pro-life views, a no-no among orthodox Democrats
    even though they claim there party is a "big tent".

  • oops, missed that.

  • Lord Kitchener's Own

    I blogged recently about those high Clinton negative numbers that were talked about at CNN.  They also showed both Clinton and Obama in a statistical tie with McCain, though they had Obama UP by 2%, and Clinton DOWN by 2%!

  • Heh.. I hope you would have caught it in my link at this post, Steve.. already mentioned by me.

  • Scott

    There is also a PEW poll out which shows Obama up 10, 49% to 39%.  A WSJ poll also found Hillary’s negatives the highest they have been through this process.  Things might be breaking for Obama, and if this perception holds, then the pressure on Clinton will mount.  I’ve sensed something changing this week.

    One of my hesitations with Rasmussen, the head to head matchups both show McCain way out front, whereas everyone else shows a close race.  That’s odd.

    Anyways, it makes far more sense to argue the race is over, when the numbers back you up.  As I said earlier, pretty strange for Obama to be the presumptive nominee, while Clinton was still tied or ahead in the polls.

    I’ll be curious to see if there is any movement in Pennsylvania, that could start to seal it for Obama.

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