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A symbolic snub for a symbolic event shows the Cons. disregard for the Environment.

Earth Hour was not going to fix the world’s problems with climate change – but it was meant to symbolize the effort to do so. In that vein, it was also symbolic to see what Harper’s reaction and the PMO’s reaction was to this event, which shows they could care less:

Thanks to its place of prominence in the capital, 24 Sussex Dr., the Prime Minister’s residence, is always easy to spot. As Ottawa went dark last night for Earth Hour, it was even easier. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s lights stayed on…two ground-floor rooms in Harper’s house stayed on and inquiries to a PMO spokesperson were not returned. The third-floor offices on Parliament Hill that house the Prime Minister’s Office were also among the few lights that stayed on, prompting a jeer from a handful of Green Party activists who had gathered in the cold to mark the occasion.

No doubt, that symbolic snub will make those conservative bloggers who were urging not only people to ignore the event but to turn up their power consumption very happy. For the rest of the real world however, it shows once again that Harper doesn’t give a whit about the environment – even to the point of refraining from a purely symbolic exercise that normally the PM and his advisers are all over if it leads to a good public relations exercise. That was not even the case this time – I’m betting Harper felt this was just another “socialist stunt” again.

[email protected]:05AM: I missed Environment Minister John “Blowhard” Baird’s hasty interview that Steve mentions, where he argued there was no need for the government to promote the event, since they were focused on “real results”. I guess this is also why the Cons. snubbed the event not too long ago honouring the Canadian scientists who won the Nobel Prize for their work on the UN’s IPCC report on climate change – because that wasn’t an exercise in “real results” either; that also showed what the Harper government thinks of climate change.

UPDATE 2: Steve mentions in comments that a poll showed that 70% of Canadians were intending to actively participate in Earth Day, so as he says, Harper and his government are still showing how at odds they are with the vast majority of the Canadian public on the environment file.


20 comments to A symbolic snub for a symbolic event shows the Cons. disregard for the Environment.

  • kursk

    If Canadians choose not to participate, does that now make them heretics to the global warming catastrophe cult??

    Will you be rounding up the ‘deniers’ Scott?

    Your use of the word implies much..should there be punishment in your world for this?

    One must laugh when people talk of facing reality..i seem to recall it was drummed into my head at school that we were going to experience a climate changing cooling of our earth..i was also told by David Suzuki himself, that we would run out of oil by 1990, at the same talk.

    So whose ‘reality’ should we believe? A liar and opportunist like Mr.Suzuki, or a collection of liars, frauds and charlattans such as Al Gore, Mo Strong and their bought and paid for friends in the enviro movement?

    Cold or hot, take your choice, (and keep your hand on your wallet), because that is the end goal for all the climate change hysteria enablers, and that is wealth redistribution.

  • Sproo

    Please, why pay $15 for a suckers bet at that UGWC.

    Rule 2 basically says, “Whatever you write, we’ll interpret the terms as we see fit, and you’ll be wrong.”

    Yet come Feb 2009, I’ll bet they’ll proudly try to trumpet around their lack of a winning entry as some kind of proof that their hypothesis are unassailable.

  • Paul

    I’ve got better things to do. Knock yourself out, sounds like you’ve already suffered a few concussions anyways.

  • paul

    Ok Steve V. Seeing that you have such strong qualifications on the subject, I’ll leave it to you to claim this prize.

    Should be simple enough. I think you will have to present more than Al Gore’s fiction though.

  • “Harper and Baird kept the lights on. That makes them the dimbulbs in the exercise.”

    The news reports I read said Baird turned off the lights and Harper did not.

  • Andrea Timmons

    If indeed PM Harper had to leave the lights on at home & in his office ‘for security reasons’, then a Govt spokesperson should have stated this fact, before earth hour.
    The argument re ‘security’ is a real laugh. If only the PM’s office & home had the lights on he’d make a great target for terrorists! ha ha

  • David Toronto

    Harper and Baird kept the lights on. That makes them the dimbulbs in the exercise.

  • Um, it’s not about thinking the same way, it’s about recognizing reality Wilson, and we smear people who don’t think like us?! That’s pure projection on your part and if you look at any right wing blog, you’ll see why.

  • wilson

    And you made my point Mile Zero (Dawson Creek?) if I don’t think what you think, you immediately belittle me.

  • My goodness, what a motley crew, the Conservative supporters.


    Could anyone be more clueless?? On it’s deathbed, I mean you make stupid look brilliant. Laughable fools.

  • Oh Wilson…the earth is flat…we know…you keep saying it and we all know your nutty as all get out…so why bother?

  • wilson

    The Liberal mentality that accuses everyone who does not bow to the false Gods (flavor of the month) as being un-Canadian, or climate change deniers, or Nazi supporters, or Human Rights violators, has placed Liberals neatly into opposition as the Thought Police.

    Ask yourself Scott, what gives you the right to tell anyone else what to believe in….

  • Well Mark, if that’s the reason/excuse, I’m sure PM Harper and the PMO’s Office would have had ample opportunity to say through a spokesperson that was the reason – and they chose not to. They’ll have another opportunity to do so in QP if as Steve and I and others hope, he gets asked his reasons why.

    As for the “whole issue is moot” argument, in otherwards Mark, your attitude seems to be repeating the John Baird refrain that no one in the world should do a darn thing about GHG until everyone decides to do something about it at the same time. I reject that argument, because if that was the attitude taken, nothing would get done and our climate change would rapidly accelerate. At least if a majority of the world can cut back on GHG emissions, it will slow the process until we can convince all nations that this action must be done.

    Unlike you, Mark, and the other Conservative Kool-Aid drinkers out there, I’m not prepared to accept inertia on this issue, and a vast majority of Canadians don’t accept it either, if one believes polling on the topic.

  • MGW – but they aren’t doing it!, what are you 2?

  • Has it occured to anyone that some lights in the prime ministers residence must be left on for security reasons or that his parliament hill office lights were on because someone was working late? It’s easy to be critical when you don’t have all the facts. If your statistics were true then the electricity grid would show a marked decrease in power consumption yet this statistic is nowhere to be found.

    And what about developing nations like China who will produce more GHG that Canada and the rest of the world combined. Ditto for India. So why should the developed world shoulder all the responsability for GHG production when other countries like China and India could care less.

    When they are held to the same account as the rest of us maybe progress will be made.

    Until then the whole issue is moot.

  • “so-called science on its deathbed”?

    You climate-change deniers really are living in an alternate universe, aren’t you?

  • paul

    I and my family participated and I believe AGW is a fraud. Harper
    also represents me far more than the Liberal party does.
    If the Federal Liberals were shrewd, they would abandon this AGW issue once and for all like McGuinty did before it completely kills the party. The so called science is on it’s death bed and it is just a metter of time.

  • If the Liberals are shrewd, Dion will ask Harper about his snub tomorrow in QP, for maximum exposure.

  • Well, a poll showed 70% of Canadians would take part, so once again Harper demonstrates that he doesn’t represent Canadians. If anything, this small gesture’s biggest contribution might be exposing these frauds.

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