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Warren Kinsella endorses Obama’s audacity of hope.

His reasoning for wanting him to win isn’t really that far from mine:

Two years ago, we would see the oval “W” on the bumper of virtually every SUV; anti-war sentiment was there, but not so visible. Now the only political name you hear about is Obama’s – and many, many average people want the war to be over. They say so. They know what it has done to their economy and their nation’s spirit….this is a country that desperately needs hope. And this is the only the guy I can see who is offering it.

Obama isn’t just running for President. He’s a literal and figurative political movement. That’s not to say he has no substance, as many of the Clinton people charge and I don’t doubt many Republicans will say. If you were to go to his website, you’d see plenty of policy stances that is downloadable. But, the country to the south of us needs to be reinvigorated. Obama will do that. The others can’t or won’t.


Scott’s Friday Evening Cat-blogging

I thought I’d copy a trend I’ve seen elsewhere at blogs when there isn’t much going on or the person doesn’t feel up to blogging politically on the Friday afternoon/evening (might be a guest blogger doing a blogpost here on the weekend though – keep an eye out for that).

These are “the boys” who hang around with me:



A funny thing seen on the Liblogs aggregate..

A blogpost endorsing Chris Tindal, Green Party candidate running in Toronto-Centre against Bob Rae, with his great big green banner spread across the background of the Liberal red on the site. The post is courtesy of (who else) the Wingnuterer.

Not trying to cause Phillip any trouble – it was just rather amusing to see a Green Party endorsement on the Liberal bloggers site.


Classless Cons.

MP Garth Turner had a book launch Wednesday about the future of real estate. He invited every MP to attend it – every one of them. He had good representation from all political parties – all but the Conservatives. That in itself isn’t a surprise; I’m sure there are many in that caucus who have hard feelings over his joining the Liberals after being ditched by them for being too candid for Harper’s control-freak atmosphere.

What is truly revealing about them and what shows what little class most of them have is the following excerpt from Garth’s piece:

Last Sunday my wife spent the day stuffing invitations for the book launch…into envelopes..and then hand-addressing them for each member of Parliament. At the event, an overwhelming number of my colleagues showed up, bought books and hounded me to sign them. Senators arrived, as did staff members from the Library of Parliament, the whips office, the House leaders office and senators offices. NDP caucus members came, along with some from the Bloc Quebecois. Stephane Dion came, and media. As for the Conservatives, one lonely member walked in.. But that does not mean I didnt hear from other Tories. During question period a number of them opened my wifes invitations, scrawled messages of personal derision upon them, and then ordered young pages in the House to carry the envelopes back and put them before me on my desk. Sadly, this defines a large swath of Mr. Harpers caucus. They are graceless, small people.

Garth is probably being too kind in his description of them. Jeff Davidson at his blog isn’t quite as diplomatic. The attitude of a Party in Parliament extends from the leader on down, and you can see what’s oozed from Mr. Harper down through to his sorry lot.

If I were Garth, maybe I’d take those scribblings they wrote, and on a point of order after Question Period , read into the public record what every single one of them had to say, so their constituents know what classless individuals they really are – certainly not very “honourable” Members of Parliament.


A world of irony

You just knew that when Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York resigned for his alleged involvement in a prostitution ring that the media would be trying to find out who “Kristen” was – the alias for the call-girl that Spitzer apparently had a rendezvous with. Well, thanks to Myspace, they’ve indeed found out more details about her. The ironic thing is that while Spitzer has resigned in disgrace, this young lady, if she plays it right, can use this instant fame and hordes of media attention to get herself out of the occupation she was no doubt forced by circumstances into doing. A book, a record deal, a paid interview […]


Trying to hide what everyone knows.

So a report comes out that was taxpayer funded in the US which shows no link between Al-Queada, and Saddam Husseins Iraq. Big deal, right? Everyone has known that now for several years. Except that it apparently IS a big deal to the Bush administration who considers it such an embarrassment that they’re trying to prevent people from looking at the document by trying to make it difficult to obtain it.

Problem is, it’s still pretty easy to get if someone really wants to see this. The bigger story isn’t the conclusions of this report, but the fact Bushco. and the Pentagon are still unable to accept that their war […]


No self-censorship on criticism at this blog – Liberal supporter or not.

Jason posts this AM thinking that Liberal bloggers shouldn’t be so critical of Dion and/or his Liberal advisers not wanting an election:

Liberal bloggers need to add one more question to that mix. Is your blog helping the cause or hurting it? If you want an election, are you more likely to get it by complaining in public? Or are you more likely to get it by showing your support for Stphane Dion? In my view, the public bickering only convinces the media to continue questioning the Liberal strategy. Far from convincing the Liberal caucus to go into an election, this is likely to result in lower polling numbers and ever more Liberal MPs wanting to wait….We recognize that it does no good for caucus to question the direction of the Liberal Party. Why is it any different for bloggers?

He repeated that in an imported note at Facebook, and I’m going to repeat what I said there over here as well, with a few additions. One thing that I have always liked as a fairly new Liberal blogger is to see other Liberal bloggers not be afraid to question and offer constructive criticism of official Liberal party positions – unlike the Blogging Tories who for the most part march lockstep with their party regardless of what they do. The Liberal bloggers support their party, and can be as partisan as anyone in their attacks on both NDP and/or Conservative Party positions, but they also for the most part aren’t afraid to question certain Liberal Party policy or strategy which they feel is hurting the Liberal Party’s chances.

Having the grassroots/netroots use their voice is a critical component of making the Liberal Party brass aware we aren’t happy with their positions. It gives a chance to offer feedback and a different POV, and in my opinion that helps prevent a “looking glass” sort of party, where everyone robotically marches along to the same music. If you look down south, the Democratic blogs in the US have done a lot of self-criticism of certain Democratic Party positions and certain Democrats. They have organized withholding money from the Dem Party at times; other times they’ve organized fund-raisers for “good Democrats” who have not backed down from Republican Party fearmongering or embraced Republican Party talking points. They even have helped finance and supported challengers to Democratic Party incumbents in their ridings for Dems they find particularly culpable to Republican talking points – Ned Lamont’s challenge to Joe Lieberman is one notable case, and the recent victory by Donna Edwards over “Bush Dog” Democratic congressperson Al Wynn in the Democratic primary there is another.

This combination of internal self-pressure/encouragement/threats have actually given the Democrats in Washington a bit of a spine, which they wouldn’t have had if they hadn’t had constant public pressure to actually “act like Democrats” instead of cowering in fear of the Republicans. That needs to be continued up here, in my view. There is a difference between having party discipline in caucus and being able to freely be critical of positions that aren’t helping the Liberal Party overall. If others wish to self-censor, feel free. I wont be one of those.

I guess I also need to ask Jason whether this is his own opinion, or whether he’s getting vibes about this from someone in the party, and he felt the need to post what he did. Regardless if it’s his own opinion or if its being channelled from sources in the OLO offices, if the party brass don’t like the fact they’re being criticized by the grassroots of the party, the simple way to fix that is to actually listen to the feedback and respond to it rather then bellyache over it. This party has become far too elitist, and I’m afraid I have to say Jason is putting forth an elitist view of what the grassroots should be doing, which is apparently to shut up and stop complaining.

Dion’s victory was in part carried by the grassroots of the party, not the caucus, and certainly not the party brass, and I thought his victory might help matters in doing some Liberal Party renewal, which is one reason I joined the Liberals after Dion’s victory. Unfortunately, it appears at times the party brass are determined to try to keep a lid on that and keep their hands over their ears, rather then listen to the people who make up the skin and bones of the party.

UPDATE: I see Steve got irritated at Jason’s blogpost about the same time I did (still waiting for your quirks meme list of 6 things that I tagged you with Steve 😉 ) . I expect to see that list of bloggers to grow, by the way.


Another “boutique state” votes for Obama

I guess if we go by the Clinton team’s pattern and SOP so far and try to predict what they say after tonight’s results, Mississippi is another one of those latte-sipping boutique states that doesn’t matter. Oh, and it’s a small state.

By the way, one of Clinton’s establishment Democratic supporters, Geraldine Ferraro, who was the Vice-Presidential nominee in 1984, has gotten into some very hot water over her comments that Obama is only doing as well as he is in the Presidential race because he’s black. I saw this video at Daily Kos which highlights some of the stuff she’s been spewing. We’ve heard that some Clinton supporters are […]


Habits and Quirks

There’s a “quirk” meme going on around some of the blogosphere, which asks you to list 6 quirks/habits/non-important facts about yourself. I see Dr. Dawg has decided to inflict this meme on me, so I’ll play along.

1) I’m left-handed. 2) I curl, and I enjoy watching it on TV 3) I’m an avid birdwatcher 4) I have a fascination with hurricanes and with tracking them 5) My favourite season is winter (which means I’ve enjoyed this winter immensely) 6) I don’t drive a vehicle and never have had my licence.

So now, I’m supposed to send this to 6 other people to ask them to do this. I’ll start […]


A random thought on the Senate.

If there were more Senators out there like Elaine McCoy, the Senate might have a better reputation. If more senators blogged like Elaine McCoy to explain what goes on in the Red Chamber and to show some interactivity with the common person, that might also help as well.

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