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Not to pile on or anything..

…because far more detail about this event is going on elsewhere, but I can’t think of a more deserving blogger to receive such attention to her remarks, and finally getting called on it. Hopefully this is the start of a trend.

UPDATE: If you want to see what exactly Premier Wall is condemning without having to go dirty your monitor by actually visiting her site, Giant Political Mouse helpfully provides you with that (and welcome back GPM to blogging. Your absence has been noted)


2 comments to Not to pile on or anything..

  • Thanks for the hat tip, Scott. It is good to be back.

  • Ti-Guy

    It’s not the pile-on I worry about, so much as it is people over-analysing everything and giving her and her allies material to dispute and distract with.  She basically implied that poor people should get AIDS and die.  That bears repeating…over and over again.

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