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Chantal won’t probably mention this poll either..

Decima has the Liberals up by 1 nationally, with them leading in Ontario (though by a smaller margin then Nano’s poll) and also tied in Quebec. I doubt you’ll hear this poll get mentioned directly by Hebert either. We’ll also see if the talking heads on TV bother to mention either one… because it surely destroys the meme of the Liberals being in dire straits… and pundits don’t like it when evidence suggests their opinions aren’t correct.

UPDATE: Added the Decima link for Angelle.

UPDATE [email protected] Saturday, April 12, 10:15AM: Antonio of Fuddle Duddle, who like Chantal Hebert, tells me all the time how the Liberals are doomed in Quebec, criticizes me for not mentioning the Segma Poll in that same Star article which La Presse used that shows the Cons up 36-30. I’ve never heard of that firm, but I’ll mention them for fairness sake, and also say I won’t be surprised if Chantal uses THAT poll as the truth, rather then the other 2 polling firms.

9 comments to Chantal won’t probably mention this poll either..

  • Mike:

    If you don’t like this blog (or others) either stop reading them (go to Progressive Bloggers, theres 370 blog affiliates there, give or take. I’m sure you can find 1 or 2 of us you like), or start your own to show us how you’d like us all to blog, if you’re so discontented with us.

  • Gee Colin.. where did you become a polling expert on how polls work or what the people think.. or voting intentions? Let’s see your degree on reading people’s minds.

    There is no guarantee on anything, but I think there’s a 50-50 shot of forming the government for either party. The fact is the Nervous Nellies have ruled the roost in the Liberal caucus, but I suspect you won’t see that for much longer.

  • Colin

    I think if the liberal’s internals showed anything like a dead heat they would pull the plug.

    Simple fact is that Liberal support is over polled by about 5% with a corresponding under poll of conservatives.

    Check Alberta’s election results and the bye election results from SK and BC last time around.

    West of the Sue, Kenora goes CPoC, Neville and Simard lose, leaving Keeper as the only Lib in MB. Goodale loses and SK goes all Tory, AB is a CPoC sweep and several more seat in BC. Including Quadra.

    12 more seats in QC, combined with rural ON gives Harper a very strong minority, and with QC’s penchant for voting with their wallets gives Harper a 50/50 shot at a majority.

    Spin all you like Liberals, if you had a chance the govt would fall.

  • Mike Harris

    Scott, you just proved my point right there that the facts are not as important as who is saying it because you dont like my name? I have been all day calling every other Mike Harris in Canada and telling them(all 76 of them) that we need to change our names to some less common. I am so going to hate my phone bill next month.

  • “Mike”, I’d take your message more seriously if you weren’t using Mike Harris as your handle.


    I’ve never even heard of that pollster till it showed up in that Star link. I’ve added it into the original article in an update, however.

  • Mike Harris

    I have been reading this site as well as many other blogging sites including conservative sites as well and one thing has become painfully aware to me. No one seems to be concentrating on the REAL issues of governing a country. THis site in particular seems to be all about slamming Harper and ANYTHING he does and about polls that show in the favour of the liberals. I rarely see anything that will benefit the country as a whole. It seems to be all about how to bring the current government down and get back the liberals in power. Then what? I dont see the liberals screaming about how they are going to do things better? THe conservative sites are a bit better and that could be bacause the cons are in power but over all there is no meat in any of this. We have a minority goverment that has it hands tied to be able to do anything because the opposition has to block anything that has real potential because they just want to make harper look bad. these last few months have seen this site and the liberal party in particular do everything in thier power to dig up scum and dirt on harper and get something to stick ..yet nothing has which tells me that even though he is far from perfect that he is not doing a bad job. If all these sites are good for is to be NEGATIVE and they are..then they deserve no mention in the mainstream press. YOu want to do something positive for this country? Quit whining about how your party is not in power and get involved. Make suggestions and email your MP’s and give them ideas for change..because right now everything i read on here and some conservative sites is PATHETIC!!

  • I believe I will ctart calling you Chantal Scott because a Segma Poll in Quebec has the national numbers at 36-30 in favor of the Conservatives and yet while you trumpet ties, you hardly trumpet polls where the Tories have a six point lead.

    Anyway Chantal, I still think all these polls have too many undecided voters to make a trend out of. Just remember one party has a kabillion dollar death star, and the Liberals have Celine Hervieux-Payette…

  • sheilabee

    Nanos poll was mentioned on Mike Duffy today where he had Bob Rae, ndp and cons. reps. Mike also discussed the Poll with Nanos who said his team does real research on their polling.

  • Angelle

    I agree, but where is this poll.
    I did not see anywhere. Is there a link or more details.

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