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The enemy of my enemy (even in hockey..) my friend.

The team I\'m cheering for (temporarily)

Boston 5, Montreal 1. Not pretty, Habs fans 🙂


8 comments to The enemy of my enemy (even in hockey..)

  • Gayle

    Since the mighty Oil are not in the playoffs, does it really matter who wins?

  • Tribe, on this one, I must say I’m with you all the way! Go Bruins!

    My issue with the Habs are their fans… they’re just so arrogant, and have this sense of entitlement. The look down their noses at the rest of us, and think they’re better than the rest of us.

    Sorta reminds me of our political spectrum, no? Wow, come to think of it, the similarities are creepy… red vs. blue? 😉

  • Go to Hell, Tribe… Have you ever seen the Leafs win a cup? Even you’re not that old. Too bad none of us will ever live long enough to see them win their next cup, either. HABS RULE!!

  • Scoring a goal a game isn’t exactly going to get you very far, Dan – even if you manage to get by the Bruins..

  • Yeah, I am a little bummed to only be up 3-2 in our first round series.

    Meanwhile, I hear Sundin shot par last night.

    Tough times in Habs land indeed…

  • Dead man walkin’ Tribe….

    We’ll see….

  • Gayle

    I would like to scold you for not supporting a Canadian team, but I am too busy celebrating the Flamers loss to the Sharks.

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