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Canadian priorities at the SPP summit.

I caught this little snippet today in the paper when talking about about the SPP or “3 Amigos” summit that the leaders of Mexico, Canada, and the US soon will be holding. What is one of the biggest priorities for Canada at this summit? Apparently, it’s to make sure we aren’t prevented from polluting the atmosphere with even more greenhouse gases in the rush to exploit the oil there:

Canadian officials told reporters that this country will be pressing to know more about potential implications of a recent U.S. congressional move to limit purchases of energy from sources with high output of greenhouse gases. That measure could harm Canadian exports of energy to the U.S. from the Alberta tar sands and have serious consequences for the Canadian economy, the official said.

At least the Canadian officials are acknowledging subtly that the tarsands are a major contributor of GHG - I suppose for this government, that’s progress. 🙄

That statement in a nutshell describes the Conservative position on the environment; which is they want to pump out the oil at the expense of the environment rather then try to, you know, cap those emissions or look at alternative energy sources. The environment be damned – as long as we, er, the oil companies, are making obscene profits, who cares?

On a side note, I find it rather fitting that Bush would hold this summit in New Orleans. There is not a starker symbol of his failure as a president then the shameful neglect of that city in the aftermath of Katrina (and that neglect is still occurring today).

4 comments to Canadian priorities at the SPP summit.

  • Colin

    I will propose to you lefty libs a compromise of sorts.

    We can begun shutting down the oil sands and thus reducing their GHG emissions IF we can also shut our borders to new immigrants and refugees.

    A growing population creates growing GHG emissions. As these oil workers are put out of work they can fill the jobs we think we need immigrants to fill.

    That is a double plus good GHG situation.

    Think about it, its a fair compromise IF you are serious about reducing emissions any way possible. We reduce oil sands emissions and by reducing the size of our population we achieve Kyoto nirvana.

  • Perhaps I should have stated “domestic symbol”

  • Good point, pogge . . . .

  • “There is not a starker symbol of his failure as a president then the shameful neglect of that city…”

    Actually there is but I can understand why they’re not having their meeting in Baghdad.

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