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Hopefully Dan McTeague is speaking for himself & not the Liberal Party on copyright reform.

I can’t speak for all Liberal bloggers when I attempt to answer Engaged Spectator, but it should be rather obvious, at least in my case, seeing the banners that are running here and at Progressive Bloggers that I do support fair copyright reform, and I oppose US-style DMCA legislation.

I’ll also state that I too am disappointed to see Liberal MP Dan McTeague has become, in Michael Geist’s words, “the new Sam Bulte of the Liberal Party” by supporting Copyright law that the US Copyright Lobby wants.† I’m not particularly surprised about McTeague’s stance, as he is on the right-wing of the Liberal Party on social issues, so it doesn’t shock me he would be also be on the other side of this issue.

What makes me extremely disappointed about him however is the fact he dismisses the tens of thousands of people who have spoken out in opposition to a US-style copyright law (40 000+ individuals have joined the Fair Copyright For Canada Facebook group), as a handful of individuals lobbying grenades into the policy process”. – in otherwards,† trying to mess up the process of getting the copyright legislation he and the US Lobbyists want us to have here. Michael Geist responds to this insulting dismissal of grassroots support for fair copyright laws:

With all due respect, the tens of thousands of Canadians who have spoken out on the need for fair copyright are not a handful of people.† The musicians, film makers, educators, librarians, and businesses that have promoted balanced copyright are not lobbying hand grenades.† And the Supreme Court of Canada, which has ruled on the need for a balanced approach, is not seeking to derail the policy process.

Remember, it was this grassroots support of tens of thousands of Canadians which forced Jim Prentice to suspend putting forth his Copyright† bill on this for the Cons. Mr McTeague should well know by now that this Conservative government doesn’t suspend legislation if only a “handful of people” are against an idea they propose. They know where there is potential electoral fallout on an issue, even if McTeague apparently doesn’t.

Michael Geist is also right in wondering if the views are McTeague’s alone, or if they represent a switch in the Liberal Party’s way of thinking – and I think we need to start asking some of the Liberal Party leaders if the Liberal Party still supports a made-in-Canada† copyright law that is fair to all sides of the issue, or whether they support a law designed by the US copyright lobby, as apparently Dan McTeague does.

[email protected]:03pm: I forgot to mention this, but as a reminder, here’s an example showing it’s not just a case of the little guy vs the corporations over this issue.† Some of the most powerful corporations and businesses in Canada support Fair Copyright reform:

Earlier this year, Geistís voice was echoed by a powerful business coalition comprised of corporate giants such as Google Inc., Yahoo Inc., Rogers Communications Inc. and Telus Corp. The Business Coalition for Balanced Copyright sent its stance on seven key copyright issues to Industry Canada, which included expanded fair dealing rights, cautions against overly restrictive protections for digital locks, and the institution of more rational enforcement measures.

Are those also a “handful of individuals” (or in this case corporations) lobbying hand grendades, Mr. McTeague?


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