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The Liberals plot revealed

This originally got shown first at CalgaryGrit, but I think it’s so good that I’m going to reproduce it over here to show that the secret plans of the Liberals to undermine the Conservative Government has been exposed, and how they’re doing it.

I expect to see Pierre Poilievre breathlessly release this at the next news conference he holds exposing this “conspiracy”.


Worse spokesperson ever? Au contraire! WE WANT PIERRE!

Darren seems to think “Pipsqueak” Pierre Poilievre is the worse spokesperson the Cons. could choose to defend the “in-and-out” scandal enveloping them.

I think quite the opposite, or at least look at it from a different angle. He’s the best spokesperson us non-Cons could have thrown out there to try and spout off Cons talking points on the in-and-out issue.

I for one hope the PMO keeps sending him out there, because he certainly won’t be the one to put this fire out and/or convince people there’s some grand conspiracy between Elections Canada, the Liberals, the CBC, the Russians, the Mafia, the Martians, or whoever else they decide to blame […]


And the winner is…?

With all the scandals and controversies enveloping the Conservative Party of late, my friend Danielle did a blogpost which half-jokingly asked which Conservative Party member would be investigated next, and she even put a poll up for people to vote on who they thought would be next.

There are some good choices there, but if the Liberals have their way, there is a Conservative Minister who is not listed in Danielle’s poll who would be their next choice for getting investigated, and that is Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, for requesting information from the Canadian Wheat Board President that the Wheat Board President refused twice on grounds it would violate the Privacy Act:

Liberal Agriculture Critic Wayne Easter is calling on two federal watchdogs to investigate Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritzs requests for confidential information about individuals who market through the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB). A senior Minister of the Harper government has asked the president of the Canadian Wheat Board to violate a federal act, not once but twice. This demands investigation and the Canadian people deserve answers, said Mr. Easter, who has written to both the federal Ethics Commissioner and the Privacy Commissioner asking them to examine these actions.

And what exactly was the Agriculture Minister asking for specifically?

The request was made in connection with two letters to the president of the Canadian Wheat Board, Mr. Greg Arason, in which the Minister demanded information about individuals participating in a pilot program for organic wheat marketing. Mr. Arason refused both requests, saying doing so would be in violation of the federal Privacy Act. In one letter, the Minister persisted in his request, stating, I once again ask that you provide me with the file information on those producers who participated, including contact information and location within the designated area.

We all know the extreme dislike that the Cons. have for the Canadian Wheat Board. This appears to be another example of it. They’ve already fired one president of the Wheat Board for refusing to support their position on deregulation of barley; I wonder if the new president – whom they appointed – is also in trouble, for refusing to give out information even if it meant violating a federal statute. Let’s wait and see if those 2 watchdogs take up that case.


Doing my little part for Earth Day

Actually, it was the day after Earth Day, so it was a tad belated, but better late then never as they say. Anyway, what I did for Earth Day yesterday was going along the road where I currently reside and helping to pick up the garbage that was lying in the ditches – most of it stuff tossed there out of windows by people driving by.

Right now, I’m living out in the countryside, and on a gravel road. On each side of those roads, the ditches are dug very deep to allow a lot of water to flow into them during runoff from farmer’s fields. Unfortunately, many people […]


Another day, another Cons scandal.

Maybe the Cons. are trying to do so many scandals at once, they’ll hope Canadians throw up their hands and not care about what they’re doing anymore, or lose track of them, or something.

Here’s the latest one:

The federal ethics watchdog is investigating a sole-source contract Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s office awarded to a well-connected Conservative…Flaherty has admitted his office broke government contracting rules in hiring Hugh MacPhie to help write last year’s budget speech and provide advice on how to sell the document. MacPhie, who had written speeches for former Ontario Tory premier Mike Harris, was awarded the $122,000 contract without tender. Treasury Board rules generally require a […]


New York Times: Clinton win in PA changes nothing

SO, I’m about to blogpost something this morning about the US Democratic presidential race in PA last night. (against the wishes of my fellow blogger Jamie. C’mon Jamie, lighten up! 😉 We can’t always talk about Canadian politics, and it is a significant event )

Clinton got the win in Pennsylvania most expected her to get, but her 9.4% 8.6% 9.4% margin of victory netted her anywhere from +7 to +12 delegates, it appears – statistically insignificant into digging into Obama’s lead. Chuck Todd was on MSNBC last night saying Clinton now has to win 80-90% of the remaining races to catch Obama’s lead in pledged delegates – and that […]


Cons. seek to cripple government

I don’t agree with much of what Toronto Star columnist Jim Travers has to say, but today’s column had me nodding in agreement. He talks about the ridiculousness of the Cons going after Elections Canada:

..Those are the same above-reproach, non-partisan folks sent abroad as a model for countries where cheating is common and results rigged…It’s not that Conservatives shouldn’t challenge an Elections Canada ruling; it’s just that they should be responsible enough not to erode another democratic cornerstone by implying dark motivation and partisan purpose.

And why are they doing this? Well, Mr. Travers points out that this isn’t new: they’ve gone after reporters, judges, the civil service, and […]


Notable Quote(s) Of The Day

There were a couple of quotes from the prior article I thought should be highlighted.

“This undermines the most basic, fundamental tenets of our democratic institutions,” – NDP MP Pat Martin, referring to the in-and-out scheme, and calling for the 67 Conservatives who participated in this scheme to be barred from running in the next election.

The winner though, goes to Gilles Duceppes, leader of the BQ for saying this in response to the Cons complaining about being picked on:

“They say ‘we’re being judged differently,’ well yes, because they acted differently,“


Cons: We have better things to do (or other things to worry about)

Nice optics to this, wouldn’t you say?

All three opposition leaders were in Montreal for a sod-turning at the city’s largest food bank the Conservatives were the only federal party not represented.

Gee, I wonder why! Although food banks and low income people were never on the Cons. top list of priorities, they usually made a good public relations show of such events, particularly in a province and a city which they are trying to win more seats. Not this time however, and I think we all know why… wouldn’t want any inconvenient questions about the in and out scheme, now would we?


Cons adviser: Its easy to get around the election law, but we aren’t breaking the law.

Look what Elizabeth Thompson found in former Conservative campaign manager Tom Flanagan’s book:

“Even though there is a cap on national campaign spending, it is easy and legal to exceed it by transferring expenditures to local campaigns that are not able to spend up to their own legal limits.”

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