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You know the Conservatives are in trouble..

..when Antonio of Fuddle Duddle starts to blog over at his site that the possibility of a Dion-led Liberal victory in the next election is very real to him now. He can’t get away completely from the cheap shots (ie. calling Dion’s win at the Liberal convention accidental) but nobody’s perfect.

Also, a hat-tip to Steve for seeing this story which mentions that the affidavit names Patrick Muttart, the prime minister’s deputy chief of staff, and Lawrence Cannon, the current Transport Minister, as people who were consulted in the regional media buys that first got Elections Canada suspicious. Whoops.

Also, I noted Kady O’Malley is going through the entire affidavit, […]


Bananas anyone?

Monday mornings are usually pretty slow as it comes to discussing Canadian politics; that is not the case today. For as everyone who is politically inclined knows, the Conservatives tried to do a selective press conference with those they deemed friendly to them in the media in order to get their “spin” out on the search warrant details being released as to why Elections Canada raided Conservative Party HQ for documents (as an aside, I wonder how Tonda MacCharles of the Toronto Star feels, knowing that the Cons. invited her to this event because they felt she was friendly to them).

That bone-headed plan went out to lunch when other members of the media found out about this and did an old-fashioned stakeout of the meeting room where the Cons were putting on their spin of being oppressed by Elections Canada, resulting in these amusing scenes of Conservative officials fleeing reporters down a fire exit stairwell.

So, what are my observations on this?


Canadian priorities at the SPP summit.

I caught this little snippet today in the paper when talking about about the SPP or “3 Amigos” summit that the leaders of Mexico, Canada, and the US soon will be holding. What is one of the biggest priorities for Canada at this summit? Apparently, it’s to make sure we aren’t prevented from polluting the atmosphere with even more greenhouse gases in the rush to exploit the oil there:

Canadian officials told reporters that this country will be pressing to know more about potential implications of a recent U.S. congressional move to limit purchases of energy from sources with high output of greenhouse gases. That measure could harm Canadian exports of energy to the U.S. from the Alberta tar sands and have serious consequences for the Canadian economy, the official said.

At least the Canadian officials are acknowledging subtly that the tarsands are a major contributor of GHG - I suppose for this government, that’s progress. 🙄

That statement in a nutshell describes the Conservative position on the environment; which is they want to pump out the oil at the expense of the environment rather then try to, you know, cap those emissions or look at alternative energy sources. The environment be damned – as long as we, er, the oil companies, are making obscene profits, who cares?

On a side note, I find it rather fitting that Bush would hold this summit in New Orleans. There is not a starker symbol of his failure as a president then the shameful neglect of that city in the aftermath of Katrina (and that neglect is still occurring today).


This is a repeat post.. but I don’t care..

The good news for Habs fans is: they found a way to score more then 1 goal. The bad news is their supposed goalie phenom all of a sudden can’t stop anything. One more game to lose, and the hated Habs are gone, along with the Senators, in the first round.

You can make your jibes about the Leafs, but when you lose in the first round, particularly when you’re the first place team, you might as well have not gotten into the playoffs.



Saturday cat-blogging.

Ah, the life of a cat (or in this case, 2 cats):

The first picture shows Silence with slight interest at the camera – the 2nd one he decides he doesn’t care. “Kitty” shows equal amounts of uncaring in both photos.


Making mincemeat of Blogging Tory conspiracy theories.

2 tips of the cap to Kady O’Malley today. The first is for taking apart wanna-be-sleuth Steve Janke’s latest attempt to try and prove that Elections Canada has Liberal moles in it out to get the Cons.

The 2nd tip is for her more general blogpost to Blogging Tories and suspicious Conservatives everywhere telling them that their conspiracy theory that Elections Canada, the Liberals, the CBC, and the RCMP are all involved in a grand plot to try and take down the Cons, is um, stupid:

Try to understand that I’m saying this with love, guys: It’s an insane, stupid theory. No one – no one – outside the […]


Election thoughts.

I find it interesting that one of the chief critics of Dion and the Liberals in the media is now counselling that he should not force an election in June in her latest column. Apparently, it’s better not to force an election because they won’t win on the immigration issue, and work on the environment instead through the summer.

I keep saying this: bringing down the government on one particular issue doesn’t mean that it will be the only issue talked about for a 6 week election campaign. The environment can certainly be talked about (and would be talked about) during an election campaign, as will other issues, so I […]


The enemy of my enemy (even in hockey..) my friend.

Boston 5, Montreal 1. Not pretty, Habs fans 🙂


Want a break from in-and-out talk? Try

Check this new site out; it reminds us that the Conservatives are involved in more then one scandal at the moment.


A synonym for Conservative..

…apparently is PARANOIA:

Fife actually reports that Conservative party insiders believe there are “Liberal moles” in Elections Canada and that the raid was to obtain the “secret” Conservative election plan.

Okay, will someone please try to convince me that they really aren’t this paranoid or that they really believe this? Please tell me that this is some master plan of Harper and the PMO to discredit Elections Canada, but that they REALLY don’t believe this conspiracy stuff.

CalgaryGrit isn’t doing a good job to convince me on that point by the way. If you look at his post from yesterday, the whole world is against the Conservatives, according to them.

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