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In case you missed it, Chuck Mcvety got humiliated today.

I know a lot of the attention has still been on the Elections Canada/RCMP raid on Conservative Party HQ, so in case you missed it, Charles McVety and his 2nd in command at Focus on The Family appeared at the Senate committee hearing looking into Bill C-10 (withholding funding money from movies deemed morally unacceptable by the Cons), and he and his companion got made to look really – and I mean REALLY ridiculous by the senators.

Funniest part of the exchange? I’d say this:

McVety quotes a Compas poll that he claims shows 80% of Canadians don’t support funding naughty movies…Having had a chance to look at the survey, […]


Attention Conservative conspiracy theorists…

To those who for some reason think that yesterday’s Elections Canada/RCMP raid on ConHQ was a dastardly scheme concocted up by Elections Canada and/or the CBC and/or the Liberal Party of Canada and that some or all are intertwined with one another, Kady O’Malley blows your theories away.

She also for good measure takes Harper and the Cons. to task for trying to bring into disrepute our electoral process and its independent agency that oversees it. One thing she doesn’t mention, but which Impolitical pointed out in a Globe and Mail report, is that both Mr Corbett, the Elections Commissioner, and Mr. Maynard, the Chief Electoral Officer, were appointed by […]


On anonymous sources..

When we hear from “anonymous Liberal sources” in the media, it’s usually to attack Dion or attack our strategy or to reveal our election strategy. On the other hand, when we hear from “anonymous Conservative sources” in the media, it’s to attack or smear independent agencies, such as Elections Canada.

Just an observation of mine. I’m not sure which is better (or worse). However, I’d sure like to know which senior Conservative officials these were, and why the media felt compelled to quote them if they weren’t willing topublicly state their views on this. The media gave these Cons. officials an anonymous front to try and attack Elections Canada’s credibility with. As Warren points out, these were clearly coordinated talking points, not some Maxime Bernier off-the-cuff stuff from an angry Conservative junior staffer.


Funny commentary

This made me chuckle. Christian Conservative tries to defend the “In and Out” scandal in light of the RCMP/Elections Canada raid today. That isn’t the hilarious part, but this final almost afterthought notice at the bottom of the page is:

FULL DISCLOSURE: This post has not been written with any sort of talking points, assistance or prompting from the Conservative Party of Canada… this is all off the top of my head, with my layman’s examination of the Election Act.

So, does that disclaimer mean Christian Con. normally gets assistance from CPOC when he does his blogposts? That certainly appears the case to me . 🙂

Oh, and I do have a screenshot of this for posterity.. to prove it was up there if he does an edit of the post. (H/T to CDLU for tipping me off to the hilarity over there)


What the CPC press office really meant to say..

Per Kady O’Malley, we see the CPC Press Office has released a statement explaining today’s.. uh.. activities at Conservative Party HQ. Here’s what I think they really meant to say with their statement, with me using strikeouts and adding my translations in bold where applicable, cuz I think they’ve missed some stuff. I’ll helpfully add it in for them for free however:

Today Elections Canada visited raided the Conservative Party of Canada Headquarters with the aid of the RCMP. This is related to an on-going court case initiated by the Conservative Party of Canada in the spring of 2007, because if we didn’t challenge Elections Canada’s ruling that we’d overspent during the last election campaign, we’d have been ruled in violation of Canada’s Election Laws and we’d have been penalized. The Conservative Party has involuntarily provided Elections Canada with all the information that they have requested, with the RCMP making sure we turned everything over.

Much more accurate, in my opinion.


Not the best publicity you could ever receive..

“RCMP raids Tory party headquarters”

Well, it’s taken an RCMP search warrant to do so, anyhow, but at least the Conservatives can say they were ‘open and accountable’ about giving the RCMP information 😉

I expect the hyperbole to increase amongst Cons. politicians and bloggers at Elections Canada, however – since it was they who asked for the search warrant to be executed.

Question Period should be fun today.

UPDATE: Ha ha. Great snark by Kady O’Malley at Macleans.

UPDATE 2 @ 1:10pm: Even better, Kady is liveblogging the raid as it’s been happening.


People in PA aren’t “bitter” at Obama…

…at least not yet, and at least not in this newly released poll from Quinnipac, which shows that Clinton’s lead on Obama from their last poll remains unchanged at 50-44.

Ironically, it might not be Pennslyvania where Obama’s comments hurt him – but in Indiana. A new poll there shows that Clinton has increased her lead from 11 to 16. That being said, a loss in Indiana won’t really hurt Obama all that much, particularly when it’s cancelled out by Obama’s sizable lead in North Carolina, which is unchanged.

My take on this remains the same. This is a totally overblown comment that will affect the race minimally – particularly […]


More election talk – good and bad

I see Chantal Hebert is back to attacking Dion again (what else is new? I’m not sure she writes about anything else these days), when he supposedly lost his best opportunity to bring down the Conservatives and call an election. I also note without surprise that she still won’t mention Nanos or Decima’s polling that contradicted her “The Liberals and Dion are dead everywhere and particularly in Quebec” meme using the La Presse poll as her evidence that came out prior to those two poll releases – this after she dismissed other polls prior to that where she argued they didn’t match up with “facts on the ground”. Cherry-picking, anyone?



This should be no surprise to any of you…

…who read my blog on a regular basis, though some in the progressive blogosphere might view this as a badge of shame rather then one of honour 😉

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UPDATE: If you’re wondering, my percentage comes from my commenters, not me; else I’d be at 0.0% on this scale.


Clinton and McCain charge Obama with elitism…

…but the media, or some of it anyhow, isn’t buying that line of attack.

For reference, both Clinton and McCain (with remarkably similar talking points on this) are referring to this quote that Obama made about the frustrations in middle class America today. Here’s what the CNN political panel had to say:

When you’re getting reactions like that, I doubt this line of attack will hurt Obama all that much.

[email protected]:47pm: Thanks to this diarist at Daily Kos for pointing out all the different editorials in the local PA newspapers today that dismiss “bitter-Gate”

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