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Helena wouldn’t be so partisan as this….

would she? She is known as a ultra-Conservative partisan in Ottawa, but would she be so partisan that she’d threaten to help axe the federal grant to the new Collingwood library in her own riding just because Michael Ignatieff wanted to attend a fund raising gala for it?

Is she THAT upset at Dion and the Liberals for not forcing an election date yet because she can’t set her own wedding date for herself and Rahim Jaffer?

Let’s look at timelines here:

Ms. Matrosovs, a library board member, paid for Mr. Ignatieff’s $50 ticket and had informed board members at their meeting in April that she intended to bring him. No opposition to her plan was expressed at that time. However, a few days before last Saturday’s event, a staff member in Mr. Ignatieff’s Ottawa office called Ms. Guergis’s Ottawa office as a courtesy, informing her that Mr. Ignatieff would be in her riding and attending the library gala as an invited guest. It was made clear, according to Mr. Levine, the tour organizer, that he would not be speaking. Shortly after this, sources close to the events say that library board officials told Ms. Matrosovs that it would not be “prudent” for her to bring Mr. Ignatieff.

Hmm.. and not just any library board official either – one of the top library officials:

Mr. Ignatieff’s tour organizer, Alexis Levine, says he was advised by library board vice-chairman Paul Dulmage it would “just make things a whole lot easier if he did not come anywhere near the place.” The event was scheduled for last Saturday night. Mr. Dulmage confirmed yesterday that he spoke to Mr. Levine and does not deny his comments.

You know, I’ve been loud as any on the blogosphere saying I thought the Liberals should be going to an election sooner, not later, but I have to admit that if this election uncertainty is putting Helena’s nose out of joint this much, that might be an actual unintended side benefit.  Besides Pierre Poiliviere and John Baird, she’s one of the worst partisans in the House, and one of those I’d like to see most knocked out of office when the next election comes. She hasn’t exactly performed that well in my opinion in the House (most notable action – blowing Dion and Iggy’s security cover in Afghanistan in order to get a partisan attack in on them), and from what I’ve read, she’s not exactly been getting glowing reviews in her own area’s media coverage.  This situation, whatever the truth of the matter, won’t exactly help her in her re-election bid.

(H/T: Impolitical)

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