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Kangaroo court at Guantanamo becomes even more kangaroo’ish.

How many times do you see a civilan judge abruptly “retire” or get removed from duty as a judge – even in high profile cases where it involves the government vs whoever?

Not many – in fact, none that I can recall.

So doesn’t it strike anyone as a tad bit suspicious that the military judge presiding over Omar Khadr’s case in their military tribunal setup (which everyone else deems is illegal, except for Bush and our own Canadian government)  who hasn’t given the American government every ruling it wanted now suddenly gets removed from the case in mid-stream?

Interesting too that while the military is claiming it was a mutual decision for Justice Brownback to retire, he’s refusing comment.

I can sorta see the theory behind letting him go. I mean, how can the kangaroo court expect to get a pre-US election conviction if the military judge keeps abiding by that quaint notion known as the  rule of law? That’s only allowed for civilian courts!

How the Conservative government and Harper can continue to support this disgrace of justice is beyond me.


3 comments to Kangaroo court at Guantanamo becomes even more kangaroo’ish.

  • j

    CWTF: Just to be clear I am not and nor is the NDP Caucus letting Harper and crew of the hook. In fact, the NDP Caucus regular gets up and votes against Harper and his Con Agenda unlike the Liberal Caucus.

    There is lots of liblog discussion about the great Liberal team, but the NDP caucus has a lot of strength as well. Including former provincial cabinet ministers and municipal politicians and a former Vice President of the CAW.

    We have the largest percentage of women elected and in the last election had the greatest percentage of women nominated.

    I would take Jack whatever his faults over Dion who is weak. The NDP caucus is also a united group unlike the Liberal caucus that is perennially poised to knife whoever is the leader of the day.

    For those voters who are progressive and are attracted to the policies of the NDP but who have voted Liberal out of fear I would say the following:

    Ask how many of your values and the issues you support did the LPC really address while they had the power. It is a valid question because the majority of the sitting LPC MPs who are asking to be returned to power WERE in power for at least one if not multiple mandates.

    So, given that we had surpluses from 1995 – 2006 why did the then Liberal governments not deliver on the following promises:
    Kyoto targets
    national child care
    real fix for health care
    resolution of land claims
    self government for First Nations people
    affordable housing
    cities agenda
    funding for public transit

    This is just off the top of my head. If your response is that Paul Martin did make some movement on some of these issues I would respond that he only made some effort when he was faced with a minority government and the NDP forced them to with a budget amendment.

  • CWTF

    It’s always the fault of the Liberals – right?

    If you want to get into the blame game, how about Harper and Day acting like a couple of retards encouraging rendition because some Canadians have brown skin?

    Or how about the Toronto Muslims that seems to have been setup in this farcical war on terror?

    As for principles, maybe Harper could explain Bernier, Cadman or a few other problems he’s been having…

    I could get into the NDP until Layton….

    The only Canadian party that seems to care about values and principles are the Bloc…. go figure….

  • j

    Scott: I am glad that you care about Omar Khadr. I hope that you were as vocal in 2002 through 2006 when the Chretien and Martin governments left him to rot in GITMO.

    I haven’t been reading liblogs all that long but I am struck by the number of bloggers who have been hammering Harper and crew on this situation but I didn’t hear a lot of Liberal activists and MPs standing up with Alexa McDonough (NDP) in 2002 when she asked the Liberal government to protect the rights of a Canadian child being held against a myriad of international laws and conventions.

    Bill Graham’s mea culpa on this, or the Martin mea culpa on Maher Arar will not erase the torture (not to mention the other cases of illegal rendition from the Liberal era that are unresolved) it is simply not enough.

    This is the very reason that I turned away from the LPC (I come from a very active LPC family heritage) – I could simply not stand with a party that seems to have become a party of principles when and if convenient.

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