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Grudging praise.

I’ve often said before in response to other Liberal bloggers attacking Chantal Hebert for dumping on Dion in whatever column she’s written that it’s not news. It’s about as unique as seeing the sun rise in the east every morning.

For me, it would be notable if she actually praised him in one of her columns or give him credit over something. Today is such a day in her column where she critiques the Liberal leader as well as the Green Shift, and gives the strategy and the leader of the Liberals some credit. She calls the plan “gutsy”, and thought Dion gave “his best public performance to date as leader” when doing the announcement.

She then says something that I personally don’t particularly agree with, but I note it because she implicitly acknowledges she might have been incorrect in her earlier opinions on the matter:

With the benefit of hindsight, Dion was right to resist Liberal pressures for a snap summer election. Against a backdrop of rising prices and massive layoffs, this plan, with its many unattached strings, would have been a near-impossible sell.

I’m not so sure about that entire claim, because I think an election call has been justified several times over the past year, and I don’t know how “unsellable” this plan would have been over said election campaign, but it isn’t every day that a print journalist will admit in their column, even implicitly, that someone else was right and they weren’t – so credit to her for that.


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