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Apologies for the interruption in service.

The server I’m on had a bit of a hiccup yesterday, meaning I was offline til sometime this AM. Anyhow, once back up, I took the opportunity to upgrade the blog to WordPress 2.6, which is out a month early. Mostly administrative improvements, but I like the changes they’ve done, which you can watch a demonstration of via Youtube video.

UPDATE: I think I’ve discovered what’s causing the excessive spam capturing of Wp-Spam Free from trying to apply it to Vijay Sappani’s blog, where I help him with admin. stuff. It seems to not like anyone who is not a registered user on here leaving comments. If you’re registered (or if I’ve forced it to take comments by adding them from the admin menu) then it has no issues. So, for now, I’m disabling that plugin at his site and at mine and informing the WP Spam-Free plug-in author that this might be the cause of the issues we’ve had with overzealous spam blocking.

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