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In-And-Out returns once again

I kind of like how we seem to lurch from one scandal the Conservatives have on their hands to another different one on a seemingly weekly basis – it keep the news fresh and the discussion interesting, if you know what I mean. It also lets the public see how much crap this Conservative government has gotten into in the time it’s been in power.

Anyhow, I know there is a lot going on elsewhere today, but if you want to get yourself re-acquainted with the “In and Out” election financing problems the Cons. have with Elections Canada, Kady O’Malley of Macleans is live-blogging the proceedings at the Ethics Committee here. The Chief Electoral Officer of Elections Canada, Marc Mayrand, has been testifying so far, and it seems he’s aiming squarely at the Cons. claims of persecution:

Looks like the Conservatives arent the only ones on the offensive Mayrand just took on the But every party does it; why is Elections Canada picking on us? argument that Pierre Poilievre, among others, brings out so often. He asked the agency to look into that claim by examining all party returns for the last few election cycles. His conclusion? No, they dont.

Should be a fun day up there at the Hill 🙂

[email protected]:05 pm: Part 2 of Kady’s Liveblogging is here, where among other things, you’ll see Pierre Poilievre’s conspiracy theory claims on parade.


2 comments to In-And-Out returns once again

  • Kursk

    Scott, you mean the ‘scandals’ that you Liberals invent because you are bereft of ideas and the will to implement them even if you had some?

    Don’t like the govt? bring it down.Take it to the people.

    Not so very hard is it?

    What are you waiting for?

  • kwittet

    Hey Scott

    In a way you are right about the mini scandals that seem to be going no where except on here..but i think the previous Chretien goverment holds the record on scandals..and adscam keeps going…wasnt it just a few months ago that either a past liberal or liberal supporter went to PRISON over adscam…oh…wrong blog liberal slamming allowed here!!!

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