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Cons: Facts dont count – only perception does.

So, the crime rate in Canada goes down for the 3rd year in a row, according to a new Statistics Canada report, and one of the polling firms out there quite rightly predicts that this probably will hurt the Cons:

“If crime rates continue to come down, then eventually the level of fear will not rise, but it might actually taper off or stabilize, in which case the usefulness of it as a ballot question for the Conservatives will weaken over time,” said Bruce Anderson, president of polling firm Harris-Decima.

Ah, but that won’t deter the Cons of course from continuing to try. According to them, those statistics are misleading and wrong, because people THINK that crime is going up:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has dismissed empirical evidence that crime rates are actually falling, suggesting that emotion is a more telling barometer. Harper has cast those who point to statistics to oppose elements of the Tory law-and-order agenda as apologists for criminals.“(They) try to pacify Canadians with statistics,” he told party supporters in January…That assertion was echoed today by Justice Minister Rob Nicholson. “We are not governing by statistics. We are governing by what we promised Canadians in the last election and what Canadians have told us,” he said in an interview.

..and of course, the Cons. will do everything in their power to keep Canadians trying to think that, because for Canadians  to look at the statistics and see that the Cons messaging is nothing but bunk takes away a key plank of the Cons.  platform. The Cons. believe that Canadians being fearful works in their political favour, and many of the Cons. messaging is based on fear -this is one notable example of such deplorable tactics. The Cons., like their American Idols in the Republicans, are not part of the reality-based community.

10 comments to Cons: Facts dont count – only perception does.

  • Just Me

    Violent Crime among youths, the most commonly quoted problem among those polled, continues to rise.

    It’s in the statistics. It’s in the reality.

  • Originally Posted By JennWhat the report does not mention is that “non violent” petty crime has been going up every year for the past 7 years.

    So, yes, crime is still an issue.

    Really. Prove it. Citation. The report talks about things like property crime and they are going down.

    Conservatives lying again.

    Funny how Wilson tries to slam the Liberals for trying to take credit then turns around and tries to have the Cons take credit. Oh and Youth crime is dropping too Wilson as it has been since 1990.

    Conservatives lying again.

  • Jason Hickman

    Bob Tarantino’s already dealt with this one quite well, I think, here:

  • Jenn

    What the report does not mention is that “non violent” petty crime has been going up every year for the past 7 years.

    So, yes, crime is still an issue.

  • wilson

    What surprises me, is that Liberals haven’t tried to take the credit for ‘overall’ crime rates dropping!

    I fail to see how crime rates falling under a government that campaigned on reducing crime, and then succeeding, will hurt the Cons.

    Cons will tackle violent youth crime, which : ”said Statistics Canada, and the rate in 2007 was “more than double that reported in the mid-1980s.”

    And the target group:
    “The people who are the most afraid of crime fall into two categories: women, generally, and older people, both men and women,” Waller said.

  • I hear that war crimes have gone up dramatically in the last two years. Something about a 15 year old kid being tortured and some other guy getting sent to Syria as well as the turning over of prisoners to non Geneva Convention parties.

    Someone should look in to those and start getting tough on crime.

  • Those pesky facts keep getting in the way of good(!) conservative policy and fear-mongering.

  • Maybe the cons will inspire themselves of our southern neighbour and raise the threat level so people will panic…

  • Overall crime may have gone down. However, I’m guessing that the Conservatives will find obscure crimes that have gone up.

  • […] the overall crime rate in Canada going down, and the Cons are pouting that their platform isn’t really holding up under scrutiny (like it ever did): Prime Minister Stephen Harper has dismissed empirical evidence that crime rates […]

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