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Um, Gloria.. Guelph’s in Ontario, not Atlantic Canada.

Gloria Kovach, Conservative (installed) candidate for Guelph, seems to think Guelph is in the Atlantic Provinces or something, because she’s been busy issuing story releases at her site attacking the Liberals who are meeting there, as well as her concern for the Green Shift and its effect on Atlantic Canada.

I’m going to help Gloria out a bit:

Follow the arrow, Gloria! Guelph's here!

Follow the arrow, Gloria! Guelph's here!

I hope that clears up for Gloria where Guelph is. Again, not a good sign she’s going to be very good at local issues as an MP when she’s already worrying about Liberals in Atlantic Canada as a candidate.


8 comments to Um, Gloria.. Guelph’s in Ontario, not Atlantic Canada.

  • Nah Scott, it’s likely just the new insult all the “cool” kids are using… Moron-or-on… or off… or on.

    Who can keep up with the crazy things these kids come up with these days? 😉

  • Come now.. at the very least, you can run spellcheck or use the editor on here to correctly spell things when you’re trying to leave insults.

  • Steve


    You are a corrupt Liberal mororn!!!


  • @Devin Johnston – I see you’re continuing the trend of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” routine the NDP is doing vis-a-vis the Liberals.

    Christian Conservative – C’mon Christan Con.. that “Other stories” has both the local and national stories. At least Frank’s website differentiates between the 2. As for the press releases, how many exactly has the local press covered? Not too bloody many.

    You guys can waste your time issuing press releases all you want. In the meantime, the Liberals are busy working hard on the ground to win this byeleection.

  • Torontonian

    Go to the website and look at the Accomplishments segment of the blue bar.

    If she’s never been an MP, why is she claiming achievements in Arctic Sovereignty and Immigration and Resettlement?

    Something has been pasted in from elsewhere and it shows sloppy handiwork.
    If that’s the campaign side of her, what will she be like if elected?

  • Joseph

    Yeah, what he said! Especially since it is clear his lordship authorized this position. Who in the PMO wrote this anyway? I guess they learned from that “I don’t have an opinion, go ask the PMO” response last week. Problem solved.

    Personally, I’m hoping a stand-in from the PMO will participate in any debates or public appearances on Gloria’s behalf. She can’t be expected to have her own opinions, now can she.

  • LOL… umm, Scott, I think you’re referring to the “Other Stories” section of her website, which has stuff from the Party.

    Try reading her “News Releases” section here, which is where you’ll find the dozens of Guelph related stories you’re looking for.

    By the way, where’s Frank’s local news feed? Oh wait, I found it, but it only has one story… “FRANK VALERIOTE OFFICIALLY OPENS CAMPAIGN OFFICE”. Funny though, it’s over a week out of date. Why isn’t your candidate issuing ANY locally related press releases, humm?

    Meanwhile, you’re trying to take Kovach to task, when she’s beating your guy on local press releases by about 40 to 1!!!

  • Um, Scott… the decisions made by Members of Parliament impact the whole country and not just the regional constituency represented by a particular Member. Of course a candidate should know the issues that impact the local riding inside and out, but it is also essential for a candidate to understand the national impact of policy decisions.

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