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Conservative priorities misplaced in the Arctic.

It’s rather fitting on the day that Harper is announcing plans to invest money into searching for oil and minerals in the Arctic that this report comes out:

Arctic Ocean sea ice has melted to the second lowest minimum since satellite observations began, according to scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Sea ice melt recorded on Monday exceeded the low recorded in 2005, which had held second place. With several weeks left in the melt season, ice in summer 2008 has a chance to diminish below the record low set last year, according to scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

So my theory is that Harper cancelled the majority of those icebreakers and other ships and grandiose promises he’s made on behalf of “protecting the Arctic” because he figured there isn’t going to be any ice to break? 🙄

I can almost see that as what the Conservative strategists are thinking: “Hey! Less ice, so we don’t need newer ships to get through there to ‘stake our claim’! We can save a few bucks!”.

He’s also making sure his Big Oil friends get a chance to exploit the Arctic – all while he ignores the climate change threat and refuses to bring forth a credible climate change action plan to fight against the very thing that is causing the massive ice melt to begin with.

UPDATE: Great line at the Star in comments on Harper’s bravado on the Arctic: “Let’s not confuse Harper’s standing up for Canada in the Arctic with Harper’s standing up for Exxon in the Arctic”

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