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Conservative leadership scuttles Bill C-484.

The Conservative government must have gotten spooked at all the public opposition coming over Bill C-484, because suddenly Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has announced the Conservative government is going to basically abandon Ken Epp’s private members bill – The Unborn Victims of Violence Act – with its own government-sponsored bill, that will have no mention of fetal rights in it:

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson announced Monday that the government will draft a new bill to replace Bill C-484, the Unborn Victims of Crime Act, so that it closes the debate about fetal rights and focuses instead on penalizing criminals who harm pregnant women…”We’ve heard criticism from across the country, including […]


“Ye reap what ye sow”

Christian Conservative, better known now as Andrew Prescott, riding president of the Guelph Conservative Party, has finally resurfaced a week or so after his cover was blown, with a blogpost bemoaning “gotcha politics”.

I find it rather ironic he’s moaning about gotcha politics when he engaged in it first. You might remember he got ticked off at a post done at Far and Wide and decided to blurt across the internet Steve V’s identity. Actually, let me change my first sentence: I find him extremely hypocritical.

Not only that; he’s missing the point entirely. First, he hid or tried to hide his association with the Guelph Conservative Party. Even on […]


KLRvu polling methodology update

Well, we’ve had quite a few of blogposts on the KLRvu pollsters and their polling numbers for Guelph throughout the blogosphere (including yours truly), and even one by David Akin looking at them. All this publicity no doubt thrills Allan Bruinooge, the head of the polling company, to no end.

I mentioned on Friday that I’d written the polling firm asking them of the 3396 households they polled in Guelph, how many of those refused to answer, hung up, etc. I received this response in email from Mr Bruinooge, and to be fair to him, I’ll quote his reply in full. He explains that the 3396 figure is the final […]


The Conservatives have learned their lessons well..

…from their Republican mentors. The Bush White House has perfected the art of doing this: when bad news strikes, they try to do what is called a Friday news dump to ensure there’s as little press or Democratic spokespersons around to either report it or criticize it, or to ask them potentially embarrassing questions. It appears our Conservative government is copying their American Idols to the letter:

The Conservative government has quietly scuttled the navy’s $2.9-billion project to replace its aging supply ships, saying bids from the shipbuilding industry were significantly higher than the money set aside for the program. It has also cancelled a tender call for the purchase of 12 mid-shore patrol ships for the Coast Guard. The decisions were announced in a statement issued at 8:30 Friday night by Public Works Minister Christian Paradis.

I guess they are hoping that no one remembers to ask about it on Monday morning and call into question their claim of being the only party in Canada that “supports the troops”; which is not the case for the Canadian Navy, at any rate.

It kind of makes that particular “ten percenter” flyer they’ve been mailing around that Galloping Beaver is highlighting over their way a bigger waste of paper then normal – and actually something to potentially use against them to call them out as hypocrites on the military. Maybe some folks should write Dean Del Maestro back using that ad (since mailing them back is free) and point that out to him and the Conservative Research Bureau.


That’s a stretch.

Stephen Taylor came up with a post trying to claim because the Liberals have some social conservatives in their caucus (GASP! What a revelation!), somehow that makes the Liberals and Dion hypocrites on abortion. As Red Tory says:

Last time I checked, I dont believe there was any requirement for members to fall into lock-step with the leader on this controversial issue and its fair to say that Dions position is entirely representative of the vast majority of the caucus.

It’s rather interesting to me that one rather innocuous sounding statement from Dion in answer to 1 question on that issue (dealing with Bill C-484, Ken Epp’s private member’s bill) in the broader 66 minute town hall at Halton where most of the questions were on the Green Shift and the environment has sent certain Conservative supporters scurrying around either trying to attack Dion, or else reassuring their readers what Harper has said on the issue (which isn’t much, at least not about his personal views on the topic).

You’d think they were afraid of being painted as being out of touch with the majority of Canadian opinion or something.


Harper too clever by half?

I get what is being said over here by Woman at Mile 0, and I understand Steve’s suspicion, and I know Harper gets credited with being a Machiavellian master strategist, whether he deserves the label or not, but sometimes you can outsmart yourselves, and I think Harper has potentially done so here, if he goes ahead and pulls the plug.

You’ve got a Prime Minister who can be presented to the public as breaking the spirit, if not the letter, of his own fixed term election law. Regardless that the law has a loophole in it, he’s going to come across pretty badly trying to explain to the public […]


Friday bits and bytes


David Akin has done a pretty good investigative piece on the KLR Vu Guelph poll that caused some interest and controversy a couple of days ago when it was released. I’ll note here as I did over there at David’s site that I did send an email to the polling firm asking them how many of the 3396 respondents they polled refused to answer or hung up. I’ve yet to receive an answer back from the firm.


I was told by StageLeft that he had heard on Ottawa Radio CFRA this AM a Conservative-sympathetic host responding to Stephane Dion challenging Harper to state what his views on abortion […]


Harper calls that campaigning?

Let me go back briefly to last night’s Dion/Turner town hall in Halton, and then contrast it to what Stephen Harper did. Dion co-hosts a town-hall that had 1400 people show up in what was an open invitation to the public to attend (and everyone was invited to this event – including non-Liberals), takes open questions from the crowd for an hour, and prior to that takes questions from both reporters and bloggers. The questions aren’t screened or controlled.

Now check out what Harper calls “campaigning” while he was down in London:



Gloria finally graces Guelph voters with her presence, gets grilled.

Gloria Kovach, Conservative candidate in Guelph, did finally decide to show up to an all-candidates debate last evening. I’m pleased to see she finally found it worth her time and the voters time to attend. One of the questions that got brought up last night at that debate was why she was the candidate for Guelph, and not Brent Barr, the duly elected candidate by the local Guelph CPC riding members. You might remember he got unceremoniously removed without any particular reason given by the national Conservative Party.The only “reason” I seem to recall given by the national CPC was that he wasn’t working hard enough to win the riding, which is a pretty lame excuse, in my view. I think they owe the local Guelph CPC riding members a better explanation then that for removing the candidate they felt would best represent them in the riding; it seems to me to be more Conservative control freak tactics, which has been typical of Harper and the national CPC since they came to power.

Needless to say, Gloria wasn’t very comfortable answering that, and I don’t blame her, as she was the direct beneficiary of the move, when she had already lost the nomination to Barr in a fair and square fight. Whether she knew of this manoeuvrer or not, it’s clear she was the favourite of the national CPC and of Harper, and they were making sure she was the candidate for Guelph, the local CPC riding members wishes be darned. Anyhow, I believe “the phantom inthe room” (as the Guelph Mercury blog put it) will continue to haunt Gloria in this campaign, as every other candidate grilled her over this as well as the national CPC for failing to provide a reasonable explanation for Barr’s removal.

From eyewitness reports, Gloria also took her lumps from Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote for being the only councillor to vote against a motion to have Guelph endorse a national campaign asking the federal government for more infrastructure help and to meet their commitments to cities. Perhaps some who were at the debate might leave additional comments on that and other goings on from last night, but it sounds like the crowd really reacted to that revelation.

In other news, it seems that Jeff Davidson over at his blog has discovered the Guelph riding president of the CPC has been writing his political opinions on a blog under a pseudonym, and has been asking Gloria in a couple of open letters if she supports his rather right-wing views on certain issues. To find out more, check out some of those links to his site.


Initial thoughts on the Dion/Turner town hall meeting.

If I look at the various liveblogging that was done during the evening, it appears to have gone very well, with a crowd estimated between 1000 and perhaps 1200 at the event, and the bloggers were right there covering the event and giving good accounts of the goings-on. No apparent protests either, from the sounds of it, which some of the local Conservative rabble were threatening to do.

However, I would like to pass on a minor quibble to the Wingnuterer, which I already did at his one blogpost (or rather, at the blogpost that Impolitical did a guest blogging of) over his otherwise funny, amusing, informative blogposts:

Please, please, […]

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