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Promises from the last campaign that Stephen Harper broke.

In the spirit of this request by Buckdog asking all Progressive Bloggers to list all the promises that Stephen Harper told the Canadian people and not kept, I start you on this day appropriately with the one made by Harper and the Cons about Fixed Election Dates:

Fixed Election Dates

“A Conservative government will: Introduce legislation modeled on the BC and Ontario laws requiring fixed election dates every four years, except when a government loses the confidence of the House (in which case an election would be held immediately, and the subsequent election would follow four years later).” (“Stand Up For Canada”, Conservative Party of Canada Federal Election Platform 2006, p. 44)

He and the Cons. technically kept this promise by passing it into law, but that hasn’t exactly stopped him today, now has it? Here we have Harper deciding that it is in his party’s interest to completely ignore that law which he and they passed.

UPDATE @ 11:23 am: This theme will be repeated a fair bit about what Deceivin’ Stephen said about this, I suspect.. but here’s Professor Chet Scoville at Vanity Press reinforcing that theme with even more examples.

Danielle does an excellent job at her blog of of listing a whole plethora of “promises made, promises broken” , including the 2006 Conservative Platform (you remember – the “Stand Up For Canada” crap).† Danielle also said at her site there are at least 100 promises made that weren’t kept by Harper and the Cons. We’ll have to see if that’s the case or not, so for reference and research purposes, I’ve helpfully downloaded the document and put it here for your perusal at the bottom of the updates – in case it mysteriously disappears off the Cons homepage.

UPDATE 2 @ 11:37 am: Very impressive – this blogsite went to the trouble of printing up over 50 promises that Stephen Harper broke.

UPDATE 3 @ 12:49pm: Another blogpost on the fixed election date promise. I suspect you’ll be seeing a lot of that. Plus, this post isn’t about a broken promise Steve did, as it is showing what utter gall this guy has in claiming the opposition would be engaging in personal negative attacks, when he and his party have been initiating it on the airwaves and in the Parliament for the past 2 1/2 years.

Conservative 2006 Election Platform and Promises.


9 comments to Promises from the last campaign that Stephen Harper broke.

  • Hey, great post.

    “Deceiviní Stephen” – I love it.

    I think you’re right, this will be a big point that will come up a lot. BUT I think it should be used to show the trend…

  • Moebius

    Do Canadians want a strong leader thatís a liar?

    The answer is yes. How do you think Chretien stayed in power for so long?

  • maplestar

    Do Canadians want a strong leader that’s a liar? Is that your argument, ALW?

  • Aaron,

    So let me get this straight, the CPC campaign is all about Harper and his sweater vest sensibility and leadership, but the opposition can’t list his broken promises to show a lack of leadership? Or dishonest?

    During an election?

    After the negative personal attack ads the Conservatives have run against Dion for the last 20 months or so?

    You are kidding right?

    Sorry, sauce for the goose and all that. If the Cons are going to run on Harper’s leadership, its going to be attacked.

    I heard Stalin was a strong leader too, that didn’t make him “good” for Russia

  • ALW

    Well no Scott, I don’t know about Karl Rove’s playbook. I’m not obsessed with American politics and frankly don’t follow it all that closely.

    Harper is a strong leader, if you take an objective definition of it. The NDP gets this, which is why they are trying to spin his strength as the “wrong kind of strong”. That’s smart.

    Your biggest hurdle is that the vast majority of the public doesn’t really see much difference between Canada today and before 2006. For them it’s par for the course. So the more you try to claim the sky has fallen, the more ridiculous you are going to sound (not that you’re concerned about sounding ridiculous. In fact you, you see to relish it.)

  • @ALW

    Aaron, you, being a Conservative, should well know the Karl Rove playbook of attacking your opponent’s perceived strength (since the Cons. have borrowed so freely from it).

    Harper claims to be a “strong leader”. We tear that little hypocrisy apart, or show that his being strong is detrimental to Canada, and your campaign falls apart, because he’s all that the Cons have. It’s a joke actually how weak the entire caucus is – with the possible exception of Jim Prentice.

    And, There’s nothing secret about Harper’s plans that is going to get pointed out.. He’s been quite open that he wishes to radically change Canada as we know it.. and we’re going to point out it’s been and will be for the worst.

  • ALW

    Super idea: spend the entire campaign talking about the guy that’s the main asset to the Tory campaign. That’ll work just swell.

    While you’re at it, perhaps you can compile a list of those other, secret plans that Harper was going to implement that the Liberal campaign made up out of thin air, and how many of those he followed through on.

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