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The Conservatives announce the “Brown/Grey Shift”

Ok, that’s my title, but it might as well be the Conservatives name for it, and it’s voter-pandering at its worst. Here is Stephen Harper’s announcement of dropping the excise tax on diesel fuel by half, as described by economist Stephen Gordon:

In one stroke, it takes two serious and pressing problems – the deteriorating fiscal situation and greenhouse gas emissions – and makes them both worse..The election is still five weeks away, and I’m already running out of synonyms for ‘stupid’

Harper can try to to claim how “practical” this is.. but in reality, this is another example of how dirty and gray and brown – NOT Green – (choose your appropriate colour for pollution) the Conservatives and Stephen Harper are. This is just another example of how they have no interest in tackling climate change seriously, and how they will throw out any policy out there at all hoping to pander votes – the environment and the finances of the country be darned. And this lot is claiming its the group that will be a steady hand during tough economic times?


H/T Andrew Coyne

UPDATE: Ah… nothing like the smell of Harpocrisy in the morning.. At our aforementioned economist’s blogsite in comments, a commentator reminds us all about what Harper had to say about gasoline pricing earlier this year:

Harper on Harper:

“The ability of governments to affect the prices of gasoline per se is so small that it’s not worth doing.” (St. Catharines Standard, May 24, 2008)

Asked about lower taxes by the Post “I don’t think government should fool people into thinking it can control the price of gas. It – generally speaking – can’t.These prices are set internationally. We are seeing increased prices around the world.” (May 22, 2008)

Now, I know some CON supporters are going to whine this cut was on diesel fuel, not gasoline.. but that’s a weak argument, as it’s virtually the same thing.


3 comments to The Conservatives announce the “Brown/Grey Shift”

  • Mike; link should be fixed now.

  • Scott, your link is broken.

    I assume this is the cutting of the excise tax on diesel in half?

    So he’s trying to rehash an old promise from last time (to drop the GST off of ALL fuel after it reached 85 cent per litre), only with a narrower focus and less of a cut.

    Just like his $500 per kid sports tax credit became $75 per kid when he got in office.

    What a jackass.

  • When I first herd made me think of diesel fuel and the greenhouse mess, He should be trying to find alternatives for them, instead of making it worse.

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