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Conservative blame the staffer redux in “Puffin-Gate”

So I see over at Warren K’s site that he’s been told by some media friends of his that Conservative spinners are trying to blame Puffin-Gate on some over-eager staffer, and they knew nothing about it?

Warren brings up the Stockwell Day Niagara Falls thing in 2000, but as I recall, they also tried doing that “blame the overzealous young staffers” in 2004 over the “Paul Martin supports child porn” news release. That sort of backfired though when Stephen Harper had a churlish angry news conference where he seemed to stand behind those claims/accusations. It hasn’t stopped them from trying the same excuse again though.

No one should take that claim seriously. This is one of the more secretive, tightly controlled administrations in Canadian government history, where nothing (and I mean NOTHING) gets issued without the higher-ups say so, and yet some over-eager staffer put this out without getting permission or no higher-ups in the Cons. War Room knowing about it?

As I see it, the Cons. got called on the carpet for crossing the line and didn’t want an extended backlash over one of their more asinine American-Republican-Karl Rove-gutter style politics moves, else they’d have happily left it up. Instead, they hastily threw the yet-to-be-named anonymous staffer under their bus.


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