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Exposing the “Conservatives are good for the economy” as a falsehood.

The Gazetteer asks a very good question over at his blog over why Conservatives are being perceived as good economic stewards in times of economic trouble:

Stephen Harper turned a $12 billion dollar surplus into a deficit in the BEST of times. And now that things are going sideways and he’s telling us that, in these times of ‘uncertainty’, that he’s the best man for the job? And we’re believing him!?

The answer is that the Liberals and others are not drawing enough attention to this. This falsehood needs to be hammered home by them in stump speeches and in ads; they shouldn’t be counting on the media to point this out on their own to people, as for the most part the media has utterly failed to mention anything about that every time they fawn over how the Conservatives are trusted more on the economy. It’s going to have to be hammered on and hammered on so they notice and finally start figuring that out.

You think Harper has been bad with the budget cuts now to certain programs? If he were to get back in government, particularly with a majority, he will use that to take the axe to most everything his conservative ideology disdains, and when he does eventually get pushed out, we’ll be in worse shape then when he inherited it – a la Mike Harris in Ontario.

9 comments to Exposing the “Conservatives are good for the economy” as a falsehood.

  • Didn’t this country swear off Conservative dynasties after they spanked them down to 2 seats for giving us Lyin Brian/

  • A non-emu's opinion

    @ALW – You really think the SoCon’s will sit aside and not see their votes rewarded for another government? Remember, there’s a conservative policy convention in November. If Harper has a majority and doesn’t give them some things that most of Canada think are pretty much barbaric, he’s going to face an internal revolt. Don’t be fooled into thinking the PC/reform divide has been buried that deeply.

  • Oh, and ALW, if conservatives were any good at protecting their political futures, the Republicans wouldn’t have self-destructed and brought down the American financial sector with them.

    You’re assuming foresight that isn’t there.

  • Easiest way to approach this might simply be to say “Stephen Harper is repackaging Republican policies under a Conservative name.

    “But those Republican policies ruined the American economy. So why is Harper trying to bring them to Canada?”

    (After all, the Republican brand is the worst-performing one in North American politics. Why the Liberals haven’t been tarring Harper with it, when he’s closest thing Canada’s ever seen to a Republican leader, is beyond me.)

  • ALW

    If he were to get back in government, particularly with a majority, he will use that to take the axe to most everything his conservative ideology disdains

    Except that would fly in the fact of his oft-stated plan to make the Conservatives competitive in the long-run.

    Look, I can understand that you might have delusional nightmares that a Harper majority will trample everything you hold deal, it’s just that it would seem totally illogical for Harper to do that,even if he wanted to, because it would resul in his party being scuttled at the next election, and replaced by a government that would undo everything he did. Does that sound like a plan any sane person would pursue?

    What you should really be “afraid” of is that slowly, gradually, over time, more and more people start to agree with Harper. Which would make him a moderate.

    Oh, and by the way, that’s already what’s happening.

  • “If he were to get back in government, particularly with a majority, he will use that to take the axe to most everything his conservative ideology disdains……”

    Scott, I think you are likely right about this.

    After all, if Mr. Luntz can come to Canada to kick start the minority, can Mr. Norquist be far behind if the majority arrives?


  • kwittet

    I think things have been going sideways for a while now with the rising dollar and every big corporation looking elsewhere for cheaper labour. How can any goverment stop a company from shipping its manufacturing base elsewhere to get cheap labour. It is up to consumers to buy products that are made local that will make the difference. Its the same as GM. It is market conditions and high gas prices that have killed the truck plant and there is nothing any goverment can do. Jack Layton can scream all he wants about how he is going to get auto manufacturers to build new fuel efficient cars but who the hell does he think he is? If GM says no then it will be no and they will find elsewhere to do it. Its not that Harper doesnt care I just feel that he has got a better grip on reality and knows that he can do little to control these market conditions. People are taxed to death and have no extra to spend on anything let alone higher gas prices and newer more fuel efficient cars. To blame Harper for running a small deficit is like telling GM it is there fault that the gas prices went crazy and killed the truck plant. I suppose if Dion gets in there will be no deficit as he will tax everything we consume and they will be rolling in OUR cash. The only problem then is that no one will have anything extra to spend on goods and that in itself could be economic disaster.

  • Luke

    DION OR DEFICIT. There’s another slogan.

  • Dan

    Dion, he’s not a drunken sailor. There’s a slogan.

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