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“The fundamentals of our economy are strong” Sound familiar?

That’s what Harper was airing in those pre-election election ads about Canada’s economy. Did any of you think it sounded like a familiar refrain? Well it should, and Progressive Blogger affiliate A Creative Revolution points out at their site and at Youtube WHY it should sound familiar – because it’s what conservatives and their allies use as a line when the economy is going downhill:

4 comments to “The fundamentals of our economy are strong” Sound familiar?

  • James Bowie – the link to the creator of the video is in the post. 🙂

  • Frank Frink

    Thanks for posting the vid, and for the link.

    That’s the idea. Let’s spread this video around as much as possible.

  • tdwebste

    So true, this cracked me UP!!, laughing!!!

    Our economics are flawed, not just because of one aspect of our economy, but many added together. Anyone of the flaws makes us inefficient and uncompetitive. Not all are easily fixed, that is why we need to fix ALL the flaws in the economy we can.

    Do you think Harper actually believes his own crap?

    We can improve our economy, but it requires a serious look at where things have went wrong. We don’t need a strong leader in denial, preventing us from fixing the underling inefficiency in our economy.

  • Good post Scott. Where did you find this video? It’s great!

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