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Stephen Harper – A.D.D.

Continuing our vlog theme for today, we have another video for perusal, called “Stephen Harper – A.D.D.”.

That would stand for Accountability Deficit Disorder, if you were wondering, and it’s the title of the new Youtube Video that the creative bloggers at A Creative Revolution have come up with.

2 comments to Stephen Harper – A.D.D.

  • Lowered expectations?

    Sorry, lowered expectations would be more along the lines of being the “leader” of a party and have to ask for help answering a question, from a student.

    Something like this:

    I can’t wait for the debates…Beer and Popcorn anyone?


  • ElectABetterCanada

    After Stephen Harper made a comment about the poor quality of Liberal Candidates based on an MP having to apologize in parliament, I made a video comparing the records of some prominent MP’s on both sides of the aisle. If you’re interested, take a look. (The video quality got a bit mauled when I uploaded it to youtube unfortunately…)

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