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Snap polls immediately after debate favour Obama

I didn’t watch the Mccain/Obama debate last night, so I don’t have an opinion on who won or who lost, but I note that all the snap polls and study groups this AM favour Obama. Some mention is made of how McCain came across as angry and not ever looking at Obama while debating.

So, if you watched the debate, what was your impression?

7 comments to Snap polls immediately after debate favour Obama

  • Ted

    I gave Obama the edge the first half hour. McCain has trouble articulating the economy. The last hour was on foreign policy, McCain clearly won that round.

  • betward

    I thought McCain was detestable. I like Obama so this no doubt influenced my thinking. But McCain came across as overbearing, unspontaneous, prickly, and basically unapproachable.

  • Dalia

    Obama won the debate…he came as a crusader for the middle class. McCain couldn’t say a word about the middle class because he nows Obama will jump at him with the tax cut for the rich. Also he kept insisting that we are winning in Iraq.Iraq is not an isolated state is an ecosytem that gets affected and influence by Iran Pakistan Afganistan and the whole region. He doesn’t see how this war has weakend our position in the middle east but he is just thinking about military gains not stratigic gains.
    simple the guy doesn’t get it-too old school for me.

  • Both held their own, but overall I would still give it to Obama. He said what he had to say on foreign policy. On the other hand, what McCain had to say on domestic affairs didn’t quite stick.

    One other thing, though: Do they have to keep using Jim Lehrer or Bob Schieffer as a debate moderator? How about a panel of new media personalities asking questions of relevance, especially to the under 40 crowd? My dream panel: On the left, Josh Marshall, Arianna Huffington, Steve Clemons; on the right Ed Morrissey, Matt Drudge and — I was going to say Michelle Malkin, but how about a counter to Clemons, say Judy Klinghoffer?

  • Originally Posted By paulI didn’t think McCain came off angry. In fact I thought at one point that he was going to cry.

    McCain won because he held his own against Obama. That was the best he he could hope for

    He won because he didn’t exactly win? That’s exactly what’s wrong with politics in the States. It’s not supposed to be a race to the bottom.

  • sharonapple88

    I thought both candidates did well in articulating how their platforms were different from one another. One commentator afterwards thought that there weren’t enough sound-bytes, something for the “average folks” to hold onto, but this was something I thought actually made the debate better.

    McCain did interupt more and seemed to insist on having the last word (at times the moderator appeared irritated by this). Obama seemed too polite at times, too willing to let McCain get away with this, but he did go more in depth in his own positions, and he clearly noted when McCain was spinning (ie lying) about things Obama said in the past.

  • paul

    I didn’t think McCain came off angry. In fact I thought at one point that he was going to cry.

    McCain won because he held his own against Obama. That was the best he he could hope for

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