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Mccain campaign claiming victory in the debate – before the debate.


“McCain Wins Debate!” declares the ad which features a headshot of a smiling McCain with an American flag background. Another ad spotted by our eagle-eyed observer featured a quote from McCain campaign manager Rick Davis declaring: “McCain won the debate– hands down.”

This is the first of the Presidential debates that McCain was asking a couple of days ago to be suspended because of the US economy exploding. Obama called his bluff, and McCain figured out that he really couldn’t afford letting Obama have the stage to himself. Regardless, McCain’s showing up, and while it’s perfectly alright to be releasing ads claiming the candidate won the debate – it’s […]


Parallel universes.

Another American bank fails in the US:

Washington Mutual, the giant lender that came to symbolize the excesses of the mortgage boom, was seized by federal regulators on Thursday night in the largest bank failure in American history.

So another bank fails and gets nationalized by the US government, on top of what’s gone on down there already. Since all of these failures that have occurred, Barack Obama’s fortunes have risen and John McCain’s stock has fallen. In addition, polls have shown the American public blames the Republicans for this economic mess, and believe Obama and Democrats in general would be better at managing the economy.

Meanwhile in Canada, we have a Conservative Government that has managed to squander a 12 billion $ surplus down to almost nothing in less then 3 years, with warning signs that our own economy is going to get worse, and yet not only does Harper make the astounding claim only he and his Conservative party are the only ones that can be good economic stewards on the impending economic crisis, the Canadian public is somehow buying that line, if you read polling on the issue.

In my opinion, the counter-message to Harper’s claims on the economy on this isn’t being sent out enough or properly. The one Liberal ad going after Harper on the economy is a good start, but in my opinion, we need a lot more of those.

Share about to release 3rd party-ads to defeat key Harper MP’s

If you’re wondering who is, here’s their mission statement. And if you’re wondering what they’re going to be doing in the Canadian election campaign, they say a picture is worth a thousand words (or in this case, a screen shot):

(Actual blog entry here)

So in brief, they’re going to start off running 3rd-party ads in 3 Conservative MP’s ridings – one being John Baird, one being Peter MacKay, and the 3rd being Randy Camp in BC – and urging “progressive voters” to vote for the candidate they feel has the best chance of ousting the Conservative MP. In MacKay’s case, AVAAZ is endorsing Green Party leader Elizabeth May. In John Baird’s case, they’re urging voters to vote for Liberal Stephen Pratt, and in Camp’s case, they’re asking voters to choose NDP’er Mike Bocking.

Whether or not you agree with strategic voting or not, look at their donations, because that’s what really caught my eye; the donations they’ve already received to jumpstart this ad campaign. Note the donation line in pink under Harper’s leering picture. They were asking people for a fundraising goal of 50 000$, and at the time of this screen capture, they had already raised and had donated to them 38,295$ in the first 8 hours of their donation campaign! Incredible. (I think the Liberals need to look into hiring those fundraiser folks 😉 )

I hope to see them do some national campaign ads too. 3rd party election laws allow for a 150 000$ national campaign, so they’d have 100 000$ still to do some more, if they thought it would be a good investment.

If people are willing to donate this fast for some advertising in 3 ridings (note that all donations accepted are only from Canadian citizens) then I’d bet they’d do the same for a national advertisement in the national dailies or in commercials on the national TV networks (maybe not to urge strategic voting in general, because I don’t think that would be effective or accepted, but to urge the general ousting of this regressive Conservative government).

(H/T Une Femme Verte)


Stephen Harper – A.D.D.

Continuing our vlog theme for today, we have another video for perusal, called “Stephen Harper – A.D.D.”.

That would stand for Accountability Deficit Disorder, if you were wondering, and it’s the title of the new Youtube Video that the creative bloggers at A Creative Revolution have come up with.


Darth Vader’s “human side”

This is a clever spoof of the sweater ads that Harper ran prior to the election.

This is called attacking by using humour. Well done.


Will Harper invoke Notwithstanding Clause to pass his Youth Crime Bill?

I was reading a very interesting post by Scott Ross where Scott claims that the Conservatives proposed youth crime bill has a couple of violations of the Constitution and Charter of Rights as per a recent Supreme Court ruling.

The first one is to do with the Conservatives proposing that youths as young as 14 years old be subject to adult sentencing, including life in prison:

..the Supreme Court of Canada as recent as May 2008 ruled in the case of R. v. D.B., 2008 SCC 25 that: A young person who commits a presumptive offence should not automatically be presumed to attract an adult sentence. The Court went […]


Asking Harper to Be Honest

Well, a new website brought to my attention this evening – run by Toronto-area Liberal MP Dan McTeague, who you might know for seemingly having the inside scoop on when gas prices are going to rise or fall, and by how much. The site is called, which appears to be a vlog. A little snippet of what you’ll find there:

Basically, a video blog that focuses on several different issues and calling the Conservatives to be honest on those issues.


Canadian artists react to Harper’s attack on Canadian culture.

Here are some of those $ 23 000/yr average salary arts elitists reacting to the Conservatives cuts to Canadian arts programs.

My take on Harper’s attempt at playing a culture war and engaging in classic Karl Rove and Mike Harris wedge/class politics is just below, if you missed it from last night.


Mike Harris 1995 Redux. Harper attempts Culture Wars 2 – national edition.

Did you all hear Harper’s lashing out today on growing criticism both to the cultural cuts he made, as well as to the crime proposals where he’d try to throw away the key for 14 year old young offenders with potential life in prison sentences and publicly identifying them – essentially trying to defy the Canadian Supreme Court ruling on that matter?

Here it is, in all its attempted Conservative culture war ugliness, if you didn’t. First, the attempt to paint the culture community as elitists:

Harper dismissed mounting criticism of the cuts by calling it a “niche” issue that doesn’t resonate with “ordinary” Canadians. In his strongest statements to […]


The ebb and flow of daily tracking polls.

So, NANOS did a bit of a plunge for those of us who believe Harper and his Conservatives are a blight on this land that need removing from government. We went from a 5 point deficit to an 11 point one. Of course, those who’ve been dismissing the NANOS close polling the last 2 days as outliers are instantly crowing about it now that if favours them – not unexpected. But, on last Friday, the Nanos Poll also had an 11 point lead for the Cons and then quickly fell to 5 over the weekend and held for a couple of days before this rise. I’m not particularly ready to […]

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