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Crazy policy chair for the Cons. in Ottawa-South?

Well, this is interesting. Look what BigCityLib has uncovered over at his site:

There’s a fellow that posts on a Far Right Political Forum called FreeDominion using the moniker “EdS”…Here’s something he wrote about Muslims:

Yeah… well… you ought to live here in Ottawa… hijabs, burkhas and full veils all over the place. Medieval nonsense, if you ask me. And the men!!! Wearing jalabas, and shalwar kameez, with sandals, and walking in the middle of the street, like it was a village in Pakistan. Appalling!!

There are other equally loathsome quotes from this fellow, who BCL finds is seemingly more then just your typical wingnut at Free Dominion: He’s a wingnut who appears to be the policy co-chair in Ottawa South for Conservative candidate Elie Salibi. More from BCL, and he asks an important question of Elie Salibi:

EdS describes himself as a moderator on the Canada Divided website, which advocates Quebec separatism, among other things. When you check the Canada Divided member-list, it is obvious that the EdS from FreeDominion is one Ed Sieb. For example, Ed Sieb is the moderator of the “War on Anglos” forum, and posts several times here. Also, the link to his website goes back to FreeDominion.

Now, Mr. Salibi, here’s the kicker. Ed Sieb seems to be working for you. He is listed as being the Electronic Newsletter Editor of the Ottawa South Conservative EDA. Further, I have heard but cannot confirm that he is currently your “policy co-chair”, and he certainly appears to have been involved in your campaign as of early September. Is any of this information out of date? And, if not, are willing to stand behind Mr. Siebs view as expressed above? And, if not, why is he working for you?

Just asking for confirmation and asking for the facts. I think it’s reasonable to expect an answer from Elie Salibi.

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  • kwittet

    Hey Scott…why dont you try to do something point out something good that dion is going to do instead of sling mud all the time at harper and take everything they do and say and turn it into the end of modern civilization as we know it. …wait…dion has nothing intelligent to say and no good ideas so you have to have something to write about


    carry on!!

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