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My apologies.. (and some brief political stuff)

..for being somewhat disconnected from blogging of late, but family matters have intruded again.. and that’s much more important then blogging, though I think we’re going to have some things solved as of next week, which will be a relief to everyone.

In the meanwhile though, the Liberal 308 group at Facebook is growing steadily since it’s creation.. and I’ve seen more then a few Liberal bloggers either join it at FB or support it publicly at their blogs. There’s quite some active discussion going on over there too, so if you’re a Liberal who believes that the Liberal Party needs to have structural and/or organizational reforms, and also needs […]


How much of a joke has Sarah Palin become?

…so much of a joke that the Russians are mocking her in the form of a music video.

They’re of course referring to the vice-presidential nominee/Governor of Alaska comments where she said being able to see Russia from her backyard qualified her as being experienced in foreign affairs.

UPDATE @ 7:48 am: There is apparently some question whether these are real Russians mocking Sarah Palin, or whether they’re American singers pretending to be Russian singers mocking Sarah Palin. Either way, the song is still hilarious, and if it’s the latter, it still doesn’t change the title of my blogpost.



Liberal 308, or “10 + 3”

What exactly is Liberal 308? I’ll let Drew Adamick, the creator of this new group at Facebook, explain in his own words:

We need to rebuild and renew the Liberal Party and Liberalism in Canada. Liberal 308 is a pilot project for this renewal. What does Liberal 308 mean? It means that we must build and active and involved Liberal presence in ALL 308 ridings across Canada. It means that we must reach out to the Liberal grassroots for effective fundraising and policy development. It means we must change our attitudes of the past and set the framework for future Liberal victories.

The aim for Liberal 308 is to create […]


Congrats to Maude Barlow for being named to UN water adviser post.

You may know Maude Barlow from her work as Chairperson at the Council of Canadians. You may be hearing more about her in the upcoming future, as she has been named by the UN to be it’s first senior adviser in water issues:

Barlow..will work with the current president of the UN General Assembly, Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann. DEscoto extolled on Barlows ability to combine humanitarian vision with a practical approach to problem solving and has expressed support for her crusade, calling water a “human right as basic as the air we breathe.” The United Nations estimates 42,000 people die every week from diseases related to bad water and poor sanitation.

I haven’t noticed the Conservative government issuing any press releases yet congratulating a prominent Canadian citizen (apparently dubbed by the international media as “the Al Gore of water”) for receiving such an honour to this international posting, but then, this Conservative government is rather apt to not congratulate Canadian citizens which are opposed to its agenda, and that would be an apt description for Ms. Barlow, who will be pressuring Canada on the water issue:

Barlow said there’s “growing momentum” in the international community for water justice but will focus some of her attention on her home country.”I also plan to take this opportunity to get the Canadian government to change its shameful position, and to finally join the international community in recognizing water as a human right,” said Barlow.

Barlow is referring to the fact that Canada opposed a UN resolution this year recognizing water as a basic human right. If the Cons. have issued such a congratulatory statement, I’ll be the first to give them credit. In the meantime, best of luck to her on the new position.


Some things the new Liberal leader will need to change..

One glaring thing that needs to be addressed is making sure the lack of organization in the Liberal Party, particularly at election time, gets changed. Example 1 of such lack of cohesion or organization or almost seeming lack of interest in responding to potential volunteers is this blogpost:

When the Green Shift was first announced, I was excited about the Liberal Party for the first time in my life. So I contacted my local Liberal candidate to volunteer to maintain his website – keep it up to date with the latest news items, refresh its design, post events, etc. – and to help with canvassing. I also later volunteered my […]


My sentiments exactly. Go for a 10 province or 308 riding strategy, Liberals.

Dan Arnold, better known as CalgaryGrit, takes issue with Scott Reid’s rejection of Rob Silver’s plea for the Liberals to follow a made in Canada version of the Democratic Party’s 50 state strategy. Scott says all the Liberal Party should be doing is aiming to win more seats then the other guys, preferably enough to get a majority government, and Dan spells out the problem with that bit of logic:

Here’s the problem. The Liberals won 76 seats. They were within 10% of winning in 33 other seats – so maybe the “quick fix” can get us up to 109 seats next election and if that’s Scott’s target, that’s probably […]


Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama

I’ve been a tad busy today, so I didn’t hear about retired General and former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama until this afternoon. That’s big news for Obama, and bad news for Mccain. I know there are folks down there on the progressive side of the ledger who still say that Powell was complicit in the Bush Administration’s false information on Iraq and will never forgive him for that, but opinion polls in the US still show him with a very high favourable rating amongst the American public, and this endorsement will do a lot for independents and moderate Republican voters, as well as military voters […]


If John Mccain wants to appeal to independent voters..

.. in the remaining and dwindling time he has left to do so, my advice to him would be to make sure that he takes Michelle Bachmann, Republican Congress member from Minnesota, off the TV circuit. Watch as she says she’s concerned that Barack Obama and his wife are anti-American, and she also called for, get this, reporters to investigate which members of Congress are secretly against America. Joe Mccarthy 2008 anyone?

The Democrats, however, are secretly thanking her for her Mccarthyesque rant. When the Democratic netroots got ahold of Bachmann’s interview and displayed it for all to see, her Democratic opponent had only been given donations of […]


What happens after Monday.

So we’ve received word through a Liberal Party news release that Stephane Dion is holding a press conference on Monday at 2 pm. In all likelihood, it means that Dion will announce his resignation and that a new leader will be picked in May, which was going to be the leadership review.

I’m going to pick up a bit from my one post where I speculated “what the Liberals should do if Dion leaves as leader”, and say if that is the scenario that plays out on Monday, whether Dion remains the interim leader or someone else is picked, we had better not see the Liberals fold like a cheap […]


The Arctic ecosystem continues to degrade.

Arctic Report Card:

Fall temperatures in the Arctic are at record highs, the Arctic Ocean is warming and desalinating as sea ice melts, and reindeer herds appear to be declining, researchers reported yesterday..For example, fall air temperatures in the Arctic are at a record 5C above normal. The report noted 2007 was the warmest year on record in the Arctic, leading to a record loss of sea ice. This year’s sea ice melt was second only to 2007.

A plurality of Canadians are going to have to realize that the environment and the economy are linked – not adversarial, as Harper painted it this past election. Inaction on the […]

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