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Think you’re more qualified to be VP then Sarah Palin?

Well, take the quiz and see if you are!

Quiz: Are you more qualified to be VP than Sarah Palin?

7 comments to Think you’re more qualified to be VP then Sarah Palin?

  • Say this gives me a great idea for a US reality/quiz show.

    So you think you ….. than Sarah Palin?

    Different challenge and challenger each week.

    So you think you’re smarter than Sarah Palin?

    So you think you can skin a moose faster than than Sarah Palin?

    So you think you look better in lipstick than Sarah Palin?

    Waddaya think?

  • Aside from Ted’s silly marinade comment, I have to say something about this

    “…has ridden a perfect storm of market crash, banking melt, media adoration, and a unpopular President.”

    In other words, Obama’s charismatic and the Republicans have made a mess of running America. Thus if Obama had no oratory and communication skills, and if the Republicans had done a good job running America, Obama would have a much harder time winning. Duh.

    It would be unfair, I suppose, to compare him to Ronald Regan, who had charisma and was fortunate to run against Carter and a stagflation-damaged economy.

    Now, I’m actually not an Obama fan. If running in Canada, we’d consider him a conservative. Still, he’s better than the only other alternative. So, like many people, I’d vote Democrat simply to avoid the Republicans. Who could blame me?

    This is what I got on the test:

    “You are 92% more qualified than Sarah Palin. You’re no short-term political stunt, you’re the real deal, the VP the American people deserve. I guess your phone was off the hook when John McCain was calling around looking for a running mate… must’ve been one of those pesky robo-calls.”

  • In case you haven’t seen this already, singer-songwriter Roseanne Cash wrote a good piece on why she is better qualified than Palin.

  • @skdadl

    Same here – I also got 83%.

    Ted is one of my conservative and slightly wingnutty regular posters on here.

  • Hey — I got 83 per cent.

    Me, I’m happy to step aside for Biden, but obviously, I coulda been a contender.

    Where did Ted come from, btw?

  • Ted

    I preferred Romney, having said that, Palin is more qualified then Obama. Palin bashers were never going to vote McCain anyways. They even stooped to attacking her wardrobe. Biden has turned into “Hiden Biden” because of his gaffes.
    Obama has never ran anything, zilch in executive experience.
    Obama has marinated himself with the anti-semetic, extreme and terrorist left.
    He has ridden a perfect storm of market crash, banking melt, media adoration, and a unpopular President. It is a testament that McCain has made this a race at all. Obama will win, but not a Reaganesque win.

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