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Cons blink on destroying public election financing; NDP, Libs say “Not good enough”

It feels good to stand up to a bully, doesn’t it?

Conservatives back down on controversial party funding changes

But, it looks like that it may not be enough to save Harper’s Neo-Con government – per Kady O’Malley:

A government source now claims the elimination of the $1.95-per-vote subsidy was never intended to be part of the ways and means motion, which will be voted on Monday evening. But Liberals and New Democrats say that dropping the financing measures will not influence their decision to vote against a fiscal update they say provides no economic stimulus at a time when Canada is entering a recession.

In the Lord Of The Rings movie, Elrond said to the divided Council in their battle against Sauron, “you will unite or you will fall”. Same thing here.

UPDATE: I should re-emphasize a crucial point that Kady brought up at her report. The Conservatives are claiming they weren’t actually going to include the killing of public financing in the Monday vote anyhow, so its an open question whether they’ve really backed down on this, or were/are intending to try and kill public financing at a later date.

So, I agree with Jamie: Regardless if they’ve backed down or not, this is a sorry excuse for a so-called stimulus budget. Bring the Conservatives down on this, and lets hope those coalition talks Uncle Ed and Grandpa Jean are holding are bearing fruit.

4 comments to Cons blink on destroying public election financing; NDP, Libs say “Not good enough”

  • the NDP and the Bloc, do not want Dion as the leader.

    To be fair Cari, the NDP is denying this.

  • If they do have a coalition the NDP and Liberals, there as some are suggesting that Michael Ignatieff should take the helm,,I do not agree,because the other 2 candidates will not think it fair.
    I think Ralph Goodale should be fine, as both the NDP and the Bloc, do not want Dion as the leader.

  • This was Harper’s plan all along. He thought he could make the Liberals go along with his do nothing update if he proposed something really bad and then back away from it. I am glad (so far)that the Liberals are not going to fall for his BS again.

  • Love the analogy to the Council of Elrond and Sauron!!

    I really, really hope they keep the momentum up and defeat the Conservatives on this. This is a chance for the Libs, NDP, (and Bloc too) to show their stuff and work for all Canadians.

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