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Liberals seeing shadows?

I hope yesterday’s controversy in Mississauga isn’t an indication we’re going to be in for 6 more months of silliness from our leadership candidates – or their followers in blogposts and comment threads.

I applaud the passion some people have for their candidate of choice, (and I realize there are going to be arguments between candidates) but I’m just saying it’s not exactly party unity type stuff going on in some quarters. The last leadership convention got a bit nasty and personal between Liberals – particularly those ones online, and we’re already seeing it starting up again. It doesn’t exactly give those folks who might otherwise want to help get […]


Predictions on how long a “productive Parliament” will last.

You may have seen this article in the Toronto Star this morning, with calls from several MP’s from different MP’s hoping for a more “productive Parliament” this session:

Government House leader Jay Hill…called on all MPs not to “refight the last election campaign” and said the low turnout in the Oct. 14 vote should send a signal to every MP that Canadians are souring on the tone of federal politics. “They would like to see us work co-operatively together as much as possible. I think that message has been sent,” Hill said in an interview. That was echoed by Liberal House leader Ralph Goodale, a veteran MP who says the […]


The current list of Liberal blogs endorsing a Liberal leadership candidate.

I thought for interest sake I’d take a gander at the list of Liberal blogs who support each Liberal Leadership candidate at this juncture, since I thought the list that Ted over at the now-defunct blog Cerberus kept (in 2006) was a pretty good tracker of who was endorsing who.

I’ve taken a look-see through the Liblogs list (as well as Progressive Bloggers where I know the blog is a Liberal supporting blog but not on Liblogs), and where I can find a specific endorsement of a candidate, I’ve listed them as such.

Blogs that support Dominic LeBlanc:

All Politics Is Local John LaForet’s Blog

Blogs that support Michael Ignatieff:



The CPC faithful come out of hiding a tad..

…to show their true side and pass for the most part a bunch of far right radical policy resolutions, as well detailed by Danielle and Dr Dawg. These resolutions are a bit of the secretive veil that has been prominent around this Conservative policy convention removed. It shows how the grassroots of the Conservative Party would have the Conservative Party act, if all these resolutions were binding.

That’s good, by the way. I applaud the CPC grassroots for being honest with what ideology they want running Canada, and showing what they really believe in – which is basically far right wing US Republican type ideology. That’s far more honest […]


Prematurely celebrating a “nothing” passed resolution.

By now, you’ll have heard the Conservative policy convention in Winnipeg is under virtual lockdown for media and the few non-conservative bloggers there (actually, the TWO non-conservative bloggers there. No word yet from them if any of the Blogging Tory bloggers such as Stephen Taylor are getting privileged access – something I can tell you none of us bloggers got at the 2006 Liberal Convention – Liberal bloggers or not. The policy forums were open to observe however, unlike this Conservative one).

However, there is some word leaking out from behind the iron curtain Convention policy rooms as to what has been debated by the party faithful, thanks to […]


Looking for a different perspective of the Conservative Convention?

When the Liberals held their last leadership convention in 2006 and invited bloggers to observe the proceedings, there were about a dozen or so bloggers, and 2 of those were from the Blogging Tories. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that’s the same number of non-Conservative bloggers at the Conservative Convention this year in Winnipeg. Danielle Takacs and John Baglow are the two bloggers from the Progressive Bloggers side of the ledger observing the festivities. Danielle is a Liberal blogger, and John is an NDP sympathetic blogger.

Their latest two reports are here and here. Keep an eye on their blogs, and/or the Progressive Bloggers aggregate (and in Danielle’s case, […]


The 2 most unsurprising events of the day

1) Michael Ignatieff announces he is running for the Liberal leadership

2) Warren Kinsella announces he is supporting Mr. Ignatieff”s candidacy.

I’m glad about #2: the breathless speculation of who Warren is supporting can now cease and desist – I suppose we’ll now see some Liberal bloggers going after Warren for his choice, but I have to say I respect him for why he did it. The reason I joined the Liberal Party in Dec 2006 was because I was there covering the Convention for BlogsCanada/Progressive Bloggers, and I witnessed in person how Dion won the leadership, how he carried himself, and for his beliefs in general. I became an […]


Has this candidate for LPC leader made me break my neutrality?

I think this new entry is “testing the waters” so to speak.. but with the absolute dearth right now of candidates entered into the race, he could be the sleeper pick.

Join the Facebook Group here! Since the announcement, the membership has grown by over 100%!!! (Though I have to admit I’m a bit hesitant of supporting any candidate that Rachel Marsden supports, but maybe he’s one of these “Bridge-builders” types).


Your Liberal leadership review summary

It’s looking to be a rather thin field out there – not quite as bad as when the Paul Martin coronation took place.. but not far from it:

To recap:

Martha-Hall Findlay is out

Gerard Kennedy is out (which mildly surprised me, actually).

A whole host of others: out

Who’s In? Bob Rae, Iggy (pending an official announcement, supposedly tomorrow) and Dominic Leblanc.

The Warren Kinsella endorsement watch: still no public announcement, though he apparently gave a class up at Seneca College a good hint as to who he liked. Since we have no video of the event, if there are still bloggers out there desperate to find out any […]


Thoughts on the timing of a Conservative crime bill non-confidence motion.

You might remember a couple of weeks ago that the Conservative Party’s spokespeople were going out and huffing and puffing that their crime legislation being put forth in the new session of Parliament (scheduled to start November 18) was going to be viewed as a motion of confidence, and that if it was defeated, the Conservatives would try to take the country back to an election. You might also remember when several Liberals came forth with very public statements that they wouldn’t be scared into voting for this merely because of the Conservative threats, the government backed down, or at least tried to minimize the confrontation.

Everyone cheered the Liberals […]

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