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New Year almost upon us. New Years greetings

I’m the opposite of my colleagues at WMTC, in that Christmas is always the holiday I look forward to, but New Years Eve and New Years is almost an afterthought for me. That’s probably because I’ve never really been comfortable in really big gatherings making loud noise and screaming “Happy New Year!”, or in making resolutions that are never going to be kept, in all likelihood.

Nevertheless, I may break open either a can of the English Perry (pear cider) or the Stowford Press English Export Cider I got from my brother at Christmas to salute the coming of 2009, and hope for the best that 2009 is a better […]


Helping out a fellow blogger

I saw Warren appealing to the blogosphere for help on this, and after reading the Globe and Mail link he supplied, I see no reason to not help out by publicizing this as well:

A prominent Iranian-Canadian blogger has been detained and his case is being investigated, Iran’s judiciary said on Tuesday in the first official public confirmation about his whereabouts. Hossein Derakhshan, nicknamed the “Blogfather” for his role in pioneering a blogging revolution in Iran, last updated his blog in October and Canadian media reports, quoting a friend, said he was detained on Nov. 1 during a visit to Iran. Mr. Derakhshan was being held on charges of spying […]


The Conservatives are financially prudent?

Where do they get that undeserved reputation, when they pull stunts like this?

The Conservative government has decided that U. S. aerospace giant Sikorsky will not have to pay $36-million in late penalties even though the maritime helicopter it is building for the Canadian Forces is being delivered two years late. Instead, the government has cut a new deal with Sikorsky, resetting the clock on when the firm would be liable for late penalties, if at all. The U. S. company has been given another two years before facing any sanctions. Under the new deal, Canadian taxpayers will now pay Sikorsky $117-million extra for improvements to be made to the […]


I guess its no longer a secret, so what’s the point of calling it a “secretive” caucus?

I guess this “secretive” anti-abortion parliamentary caucus is no longer a secret, if their purported chairperson Rod Bruinooge is publicly boasting about it, right?

Oh, I suppose you could say that who exactly is in it is the “secret” part, but really, that isn’t exactly hard to figure out, is it? Just take everyone in the Conservative caucus who voted for Ken Epp’s private Members Bill C-484 (99.9% of them), and count them in that secret caucus, then add the social conservative wing of the Liberal Party who did the same (though a few are gone now out of the caucus after the last election), as well as anyone else […]


Cutting edge journalism, and other misc tidbits.

Steve reads and summarizes Jane Taber over at his blog so the rest of us don’t have to. The thought that Jane might be the replacement for Mike Duffy on CTV’s politics show makes my head hurt a bit, as we’d have to put up with this type of “analysis” on a daily basis. Thank goodness for Don Newman.

First miscellaneous thought: Are Blogger’s links and trackback/pingback system still a tad screwy? There have been, as many know, random trackbacks to blogposts from Blogger blogposts several weeks old, but now I’m finding that WordPress seems to have difficulty pinging or sending trackbacks to Blogger blogposts. I realize that people who […]


Attitudes from the top ooze to the bottom

Everyone knows by now the story of Conservative aide Georganne Burke, who has been reported in news accounts of threatening to cut funding to a school for disabled Jewish children if they did not cancel a Hannukah ceremony where they had invited Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to attend it. Everyone also should know she does have a past history of being a bit of a militant.

However, there does seem to be a bit of a pattern with the Conservative government’s attitude. That particular over-the-top attitude emanates from their leader, Mr Harper, and you’ve seen it “trickle down” in Question Period the past 2 years from his Ministers and MP’s, […]


Seasons Greetings From Scott’s Diatribes

My diatribe today is a short but pleasant one; To all my readers, have a very Merry Christmas, and all the best this holiday season.


Just the facts

I don’t know why this is even necessary to keep saying, but since we have such a right-wing and global warming denalist noise machine out there, I guess we’ll have to; climate change is happening and real, whether its snowing a lot in Victoria and Vancouver or not, and climate change is backed by scientific data:

According to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the 2008 meteorological year (December 2007 through November 2008) “was the ninth warmest year in the period of instrumental measurements, which extends back to 1880. The nine warmest years all occur within the eleven-year period 1998-2008.” (GISS further states that “given our estimated error … we […]


The qualifications that got certain folks picked as Conservative Senators

Pamela Wallin: I’ll say going along with and agreeing to the conclusions of the Harper hand-picked Afghanistan panel in order to bolster the Prime Minister’s case about staying the course in Afghanistan and allowing him to use the report as a political weapon to attack the opposition parties would be the qualification in Harper’s eyes for her.

Nancy Greene – Canadian Olympic gold medallist, and climate change sceptic. Yup, I can see why that would catch Harper’s attention; it fits right in with his party’s disregard for climate change and his own doubts about it (remember the “so-called greenhouse gases” quotation he did?)

Mike Duffy: Not much needs to be […]


Special auto adviser to Harper resigns.

Do you sort of get the feeling Harper doesn’t get along with people who knows more then him about a specific issue or policy? His special auto adviser resigns, just 3 weeks into his appointment:

“We never came to terms, at least from the federal perspective,” said a high-ranking official…Instead, Ottawa will rely on internal advice on how GM, Chrysler and Ford can be made more competitive. That suggests Canada is unlikely to follow U.S. President-elect Barack Obama’s lead and appoint an auto czar to oversee the companies.

The news article pointedly states that Jim Arnett would remain on as special adviser to Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty:


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