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Fife: Governor-General will refuse Harper prorogue request if asked for one

Remember what I said last post about taking anything you hear in the media with a grain or a pound of salt? Well, it will apply to this post, but in a conversation in his comments section with Steve over at Far and Wide, he mentioned suddenly he had just seen on CTV that Bob Fife is reporting that Governor-General Michaelle Jean will refuse any request from Harper to prorogue this session of Parliament due to the circumstances of the situation. In essence, she’d be telling him to face the music of the non-confidence vote next Monday.

Again, this is Bob Fife reporting this.. and where he would have picked up that nugget from is a bit mysterious, since the GG is on tour overseas. But, if this were true, it would be more or less, barring another event, the kiss of death for Harper, as he would surely lose the non-confidence vote next Monday.

Please note that a request to prorogue Parliament to my knowledge has never been refused to be granted by a Governor-General to a Prime Minister – at least not post-1867 anyhow – so that would be even more unprecedented then the G.G allowing a coalition government to try and govern after a minority government fell, if this report ends up being true.

10 comments to Fife: Governor-General will refuse Harper prorogue request if asked for one

  • The Fwanksta

    Question: how often has a PM ever ASKED for prorogation in similar circumstances? Not VERY similar, because this is a pretty unique situation, but in other parliamentary “crisis” situations.

  • Tim

    “I believe Fife said Cons have told him they won’t ask, because they think she would reject it.”

    Yup that is all you can believe. It simply says the Cons won’t ask for prorogue.

  • The GG messed up by even allowing the previous election instead of telling the Libs and NDP to form a coalition then. If she makes a further mistake, I wouldn’t be shocked.

  • If there is one thing Fife has it’s Con sources 😉

  • It’s just a rumor, SO…. But, I believe Fife said Cons have told him they won’t ask, because they think she would reject it.

  • Anon

    You guys still watching CTV and listening to Fife, Duffy and Oliver? Switch channels — watch CPAC and CBC instead — at least you get more balanced reports there.

  • I will take your earlier advice. I think Fife is dreaming.

  • The GG would have to tell somebody (Fife?) this and she would be crazy, I would think, to show her hand at this point even in that was her decision.

  • This would really complicate things, wouldn’t it? It’s a double edged sword for the GG, as I myself blogged about this morning, but I think Michaëlle Jean would decline because we’re only into the third week of the session and the motion hasn’t even been debated yet.

    If Robert Fife is to be believed (and we know he’s a debatable source at best), a leadership convention is already in the offing the moment Harper falls — in fact he may be removed as leader of the party as early as next week.

  • rww

    And a prorogation has never been asked for before a Throne Speech is debated and voted on.

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