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Cons. looking for floor-crossers and “traitors” to save them.

That’s my interpretation of London Centre-North Liberal MP Glen Pearson’s blogentry yesterday:

“Well, it’s just a mess. I was approached by three Conservatives today to help support them, saying that I was an honest broker type and that my voice would be respected. But when I asked them if they would just quit playing this kind of brinksmanship and retreat to a position of non-partisanship and accommodation, they quietly moved away. And there’s the problem: if it won’t start with the Conservatives, it won’t start at all. They are the government and the responsibility lies with them. Their lack of refined leadership has ultimately led to a lack of productivity.”

Combine that with reports of other Liberal MP’s being given offers (I believe Gerard Kennedy made such a claim on CBC) and rumours as reported by Jeff that the Cons. are offering Liberal MP’s who get “sick” on the day of the non-confidence motion an appointment to the Senate, as well as sending out rumours of Liberals being offered cabinet posts, and you can see how desperate and flailing the Conservatives really are at trying to hold on to power.

It’s ironic how the Conservatives were foaming at the mouth in QP yesterday, calling the Liberals “traitors” to Canada yesterday, and yet at the same time they’re looking for “traitors” to save themselves. Of this development, Aaron Wherry asks at Macleans:

“If Mr. Harper feels that the opposition parties should face the electorate before making a change in government, shouldn’t he be demanding the same of any opposition MPs being courted to change sides by his party?”

The answer is that Harper won’t; he will do and say anything to retain power. Even if Harper convinces the Governor-General to prorogue, I think the only thing that might (and I emphasize MIGHT) save the Conservatives and their government from falling in the New Year is what Warren said today at his site. Harper must resign as PM, and an interim PM must be willing to meet the Coalition’s main demands on financial stimulus. I’m not sure even that will save them.. but they need to, as Glen Pearson said, make an effort to accommodate, rather then participate in brinkmanship. Can the fact they are close to being kicked out of government spur them to act in that manner – a manner which they haven’t done in 2 12 years under Harper? I’m of my doubts.

One thing is for sure; the Liberals need to stand firm against these offers and attempts to find weakness in the coalition, and not listen to concern-trolls like Andrew Coyne today bemoaning who will save the Liberals from themselves. In my view, he should be writing who will save the Conservatives from Harper.


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  • kwittet

    Originally Posted By Scott Tribe@Roll Tide
    And CTV is a Conservative mouthpiece .. so I’m not exactly worried about what they have to say.

    And the CBC is a liberal mouthpiece that other than hockey night in canada is a total waste of taxpayers money.

    Here is the way i see things.
    the canadain people 7 weeks ago said they DID NOT WANT STEPHEN DION AS PM and they did it by handing the liberal party there worst election result in many years. Now they are trying to backdoor what WE THE ELECTORATE DECIDED…what a crock of S**T. Peire Trudeau and every other Federalist PM in Canadian history must be rolling in thier graves thinking about handing POWER TO SEPERATISTS!!

    You may not agree with what Harper is doing and I may not also but this is so wrong. Why not just have a confidence vote and let the voters decide once again.
    We know that wont happen for two reasons. The liberals dont have a real leader so they know that they would really get thier buts kicked.
    And the people dont want an election less than a few months after the last one because they know that Canadians would decimate the party.

    So if they want power and thats all this is…they have to do it this way until they pick a leader and the conditions are right.
    Let me speculate here

    Also what is it going to take to keep the boc happy in this deal?
    MONEY and lots of it to fuel there seperatist dreams. And seeing that the only provinces that have money are in the west is it going to be funnelled from the west to Quebec to keep them happy? So they feed the serperatists and give them the money they need to form there own country and piss off the west because the money is stolen from them…and they seperate also
    All that is left of Canada is Ontario..Manitoba maybe and the Martimes.


  • If there ever was a case to be made for proportional representation, I guess this is it. The conservatives have positioned themselves as the defenders of democracy. For as long as the opposition doesn’t challenge the assumption that 37% is a legit mandate, Harper will hold the upper hand in the fight for public opinion.

  • @Roll Tide – Gee, what a shocker.

    As I said in an earlier piece.. one thing the Cons supporters are good at are “freeping” polls.. and I’ve no doubt they’re well organized to send in calls to MP’s pretending to be “outraged ordinary citizens”.

    And CTV is a Conservative mouthpiece .. so I’m not exactly worried about what they have to say.

  • Roll Tide

    The phone calls are 75-25 against the Bloc Coalition to ON MP’s says CTV

  • Sometimes I think you’re over the top Scott, but this time I think you’re bang on 🙂

  • Joe

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, any government willing to record opposition caucus meetings is willing to do a whole lot of other bad shit. Bribing MPs with Senate appointments is totaly believable.

  • Roll Tide

    Hearle admitted last night on Mansbridge that coalition with the Bloc is bad Politics..Harper brought up Parizeau endorsement in QP…think Obama linking McCain to Bush…Cheney endorsing McCain. The Liberals wanted this, they got it. Notice Iggy will start to distance himself from the toxic coalition. He will not want to be in that cabinet.
    No. 1 Crimson Tide to beat the Florida Gators Sat nite on ABC. Roll Tide

  • Harper already affected his own stutter during the election, “Let me be clear…”. Usually followed by a meaningless statement or evasive comment, like the fundamentals of the economy are strong.

    The opposition parties have to remain calm, strong and committed no matter what crap gets flung by the CPC screeching monkeys.

    Oh yeah, let’s make sure we make time to counter-spin online polls.

    We managed to get the pro-coalition viewpoint winning polls in the G&M, Winnipeg Free Press and Edmonton Journal. We need to keep that up.

    On that note, check out this poll and vote:

  • Your post makes more sense than a lot of the conservative arguments made recently (i.e. democracy is being hijacked, the bloc is why the coalition is bad, etc.). Do you ever feel like politicians are playing a game, rather than being honest about their message to Canadians?

  • Remember when enticing other party member to cross the floor with promises of cabinet posts and senate appointments was a bad thing? Worthy of an RCMP and Ethics Commissioner investigation?

    Oh wait, that only counts when Paul Martin is PM.

    My bad.

    Harper is morphing into Paul Martin before our eyes. By this time tomorrow, he’ll have a stutter and keep repeating “That is to say…” before every sentence.

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