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  1. Darryl Wolk

    The race has been decided. Rae supporters who people who do not back Iggy; have no right to call for a vote. If MPs can pick the PM and government democratically; why can they not pick the Liberal leader. Iggy will be leader Wednesday. Rae will drop out. LeBlanc already has. Grassroots will rubber stamp the decision in May assuming we are not in an election before then.

  2. Roll Tide

    Leblanc and Wilfert going to Iggy, the big push to name him leader on wednesday.
    Will Rae give up and spare a split party?

  3. Roll Tide

    Manley’s instincts jive with what Jane Taber noted in the G&M :
    “National opinion polls are showing Canadians are not enamoured of the idea of a coalition government. An unscientific poll of diners at a west-end Ottawa chicken-and-ribs restaurant seems to back that up. On Friday, the Prime Minister’s staff called to say that Mr. Harper had stopped for lunch at the family restaurant with his son, Ben, and daughter, Rachel. They were on their way to the military base in Petawawa, Ont., for a Christmas tree ceremony. (Sadly, the three soldiers killed Friday in Afghanistan were based in Petawawa.) Customers applauded as the three were leaving. “The entire place erupted in clapping,” said Harper aide Dimitri Soudas, who would not go so far as to predict that it was a result of Mr. Harper’s stand against the proposed coalition government. But he added: “It’s never happened before”

  4. ricky barnes

    I am amazed at the lack of disciplne within the Liberal Party. The more they fight like this in public, the more Canadians will see them as not being ready to govern.

    The end result could well be a Conservative majority.

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