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Helping out a fellow blogger

I saw Warren appealing to the blogosphere for help on this, and after reading the Globe and Mail link he supplied, I see no reason to not help out by publicizing this as well:

A prominent Iranian-Canadian blogger has been detained and his case is being investigated, Iran’s judiciary said on Tuesday in the first official public confirmation about his whereabouts. Hossein Derakhshan, nicknamed the “Blogfather” for his role in pioneering a blogging revolution in Iran, last updated his blog in October and Canadian media reports, quoting a friend, said he was detained on Nov. 1 during a visit to Iran. Mr. Derakhshan was being held on charges of spying for Israel, a country the Islamic Republic does not recognize, according to Canadian media…Mr. Derakhshan, 33, was a journalist in Tehran before moving to Toronto in 2000. He made his name by publishing instructions on how to use blogging software to publish blogs in Farsi, sparking an explosion of blogging in the Iranian language.

The origin of the accusations of spying charges against him appears to be because he visited Israel in 2006, and Israel and Iran haven’t exactly been best pals.

If you want to write the Iranian Embassy in Canada to ask that Ian release Mr. Derakhshan, the contact info is here. As Warren said at his site, be polite and civil, but be firm, when you ask for his release.


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