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Look where “childcare choices” has gotten us – dead last.

Remember how Harper and company canceled the childcare agreements that Paul Martin had put in place with the provinces a couple of years back, claiming it would prevent “choice” for parents when they wanted to pick childcare options? The Conservative replacement for these agreements was to send families 100$ a month.

A new UN report yesterday shows that decision was the wrong choice:

A comparison of 25 developed countries puts Canada, along with Ireland, at the bottom. Even the United States is ahead of us. Canada met just one of 10 standards measuring affordability and quality of daycare and other early childhood services, such as parental leave and overall government […]


Harper flip-flops

My, My. Harper as been making it awfully easy of late to show his hypocrisy on issues.

First, we find out from news “sources” he’ll be stacking the Senate with 18 Conservative loyalists:

…according to insiders, what really drove Harper to move quickly and fill the vacant Senate seats is the possibility of losing political power in January at the hands of the Liberal-NDP coalition.

The point is made elsewhere that Harper has never appeared to be that serious about Senate reform anyways, but for someone who claimed to want to reform the institution so it would be democratic, and to then turn around and pack it with Con cronies […]


Some thoughts on Ignatieff and the coalition.

One benefit to the Liberals endorsing Mr. Ignatieff as the interim leader (and for all intents and purposes rubber-stamping him as the permanent one in May) is we won’t have to read Andrew Coyne anymore trying to get John Manley to enter the Liberal Leadership race as a candidate.

Or will we? We might have to endure some more Coyne rants, if Iggy keeps on saying stuff like this:

3:02:51 PM First coalition question award goes to Roger Smith, and the answer is – oh, like it could be as simple as yes or no. He’s prepared to vote against the budget, bring down the Conservatives, and govern the country […]


A blogpost to (hopefully) put you in the Christmas spirit.

I thought I’d post something a bit different this AM then my normal political rants to reflect the oncoming Christmas holiday; after reading some of the blogs the past bit, I think some folks could use something to lift their spirits.

I’m a big fan of Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”. I’ve seen most of the versions of it on TV. My favourite is the classic featuring Alistair Sim as Scrooge, followed closely by the version of Scrooge that George C. Scott played of Scrooge in 1984 in a TV production of “A Christmas Carol” on one of the American networks (I have the DVD – highly recommended).

In all […]


Thoughts on our new Liberal leader.

So, Michael Ignatieff will be picked as the new Liberal leader by virtue of Bob Rae dropping out this afternoon. As I said in my last blogpost, while I’m a bit uncomfortable with what the Liberal Executive decided on last night, which more or less sealed Rae’s fate, I do congratulate Mr. Ignatieff as the new Liberal leader, and I sincerely hope he is able to remove Harper and the Conservatives from office.

I’ve already seen posts from some pro-Ignatieff bloggers – past or present – calling on Bob Rae to be gracious in his withdrawal speech. I said at one such blogpost in comments that I dont expect […]


Interesting goings-on

I received a notice last night in my email, part of which I’ll qupte here, which details what the LPC Executive decided to do in regards to picking an interim leader for the Liberals:

(Liberal Party President) Mr. Ferguson emphasized that the Liberal Party’s overriding objective is to select an interim Leader through a process which respects the principles of fairness and openness. In this spirit, with respect to its decision to select an interim Leader, the National Executive has chosen to consult broadly with the Party’s constitutional bodies, including Caucus, defeated candidates from the last general election, Council of Presidents, and Commission Club Presidents. Through this process, an interim […]


Dion resigns, Leblanc drops out.

So I think everyone knows that Stephane Dion officially tendered his resignation today. I think all that needs to be said on that has been said, but I’ll say this: Despite all of his faults that his detractors would list, I think he was a bit unfortunate in that he became leader when his chief opponent has been one of the most partisan over-the-top Prime ministers ever, with the Conservative Party importing Republican style tactics to completely destroy Dion’s reputation, at a time with the Liberal Party in some internal disarray and disorganization (which to be fair, he did not address). I don’t think Prime Minister Lester B. “Mike” Pearson, […]


A query to Macleans about blogging balance.

I congratulate Stephen Taylor for getting a gig at Macleans as a regular blogger. I do wonder though where the blogging counter-balance to Mr. Taylor’s presence on the Maclean’s roster is, now that they have promoted him and his blogposts to the same blogging section as where you find Coyne/Wells/O’Malley et al. Did the editorial board of Macleans just feel their blogging roster are a majority of “closet Liberals”, so they needed some “balance”, and decided to give Taylor a forum where he can publish his openly pro-Conservative blogging views?

Also.. I noted with amusement that they didn’t even say who Taylor was in his first blogpost. That raised the […]


Some more endorsements.

It’s been understandably a tad slow of late with Liberal blogs and who they endorse for Liberal leader; the events of the past week have understandably caught everyone’s attention. Now after a week’s lull, we’ve had 2 additional ones going into the Rae column: The Independent Partisan, and Blogging if necessary but not necessarily blogging.

Whether these and the rest of the list of blogs who have endorsed a candidate turn out to be a moot point will depend on what the LPC executive decide to do on Wednesday. If there is still a formal leadership convention in May, then I’ve no reason to remove the lists. An item related […]


Just a little observation on Coyne making Cool-Aid for Manley

Just a brief follow-up to my previous post; If John Manley ever DOES get brave and actually decides to run for the Liberal leadership rather then snipe from the sidelines and kneecap his supposed current party, and Andrew Coyne decides to resign from Maclean to be his press secretary or media relations guy, these 2 posts of Coyne (practically begging Manley to run to stop this dastardly coalition with the NDP, and to run a.. I don’t know.. Joe Lieberman type campaign) should be read so as you’re not completely shocked by Andrew’s career move.

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