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On the Manley rant

So, John Manley has decided to come out this morning in the Globe saying we Liberals should all just forget about any coalition with the NDP. One of my fellow Liberal bloggers seems to think this is somehow a case of sanity prevailing. I disagree.

First, the unified opposition and the threat of defeat is the ONLY reason Harper backed down from most of his provocative stuff in the now dead Economic Update. Mr. Manley seems to have forgotten that small fact. I believe that coalition needs to be intact come January 26th, or Harper will feel less pressure to revamping his Budget toward the Coalition’s position (the threat of […]

Open Letter to the Liberal Party of Canada executive.

Dear LPC Executive (Mr. Doug Ferguson et al.):

I’ve been debating about doing this blogpost I’m about to do, and it pains me to do it, but I think I need to say it, in light of all the Liberal blogs I’ve seen murmuring today about the state of the LPC and the leadership.

I’m a Liberal Party of Canada member because I was impressed with Dion at the Convention which I helped cover for Progressive Bloggers/BlogsCanada in 2006. I became a Liberal after the Convention, so I’m not a “true” Dionista, but close. I’ve supported him publicly and privately since his rise to Liberal leader. I applauded his ability […]

Inaction on stimulus not an option…

…when you see numbers like these:

Canadians lost 71,000 jobs in November – almost triple expectations – and the unemployment rate crept up to 6.3 per cent, as Ontario employers felt the harsh impact of the U.S. recession.That’s the biggest month of job losses since the recessionary period of 1982, and puts the unemployment rate at its highest point since November, 2006.

…and when more of that may be coming, because of the spillover effect from the US.. specifically, the newest report that has come out saying that Over half a million jobs were lost in November in the U.S.:

U.S. employers axed payrolls by 533,000 jobs in November, the […]

Just a question..

Will this prorogue look so great strategically as a political ploy for Harper if some economic shockwave hits us during the 7 weeks of the mandatory holiday Harper has given Parliament?

My example of a shock wave would be one or more of the Big 3 Automakers going into bankruptcy, and I bring them up as the example because I saw the story that Red Tory brought up over at his site that mentioned their pleas for a bailout on the 2nd go-around didn’t seem to go over very well with Congress (apparently they are asking for 34 billion $ in bailout money.. I think if I were Congress, […]

Make Parliament Work rally in Ottawa draws thousands.

From the wire on CP, describing a very well attended pro-Coalition rally at Parliament Hill today:

Thousands of people rallied on the steps of Parliament Hill today to support a coalition of opposition parties who tried to topple the Harper government. The crowd wasn’t deterred by the chilly weather and word that Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean allowed Prime Minister Stephen Harper to suspend Parliament until late next month. Many waved signs that said “Coalition – Yes! Make Parliament Work” and “I’m a part of the 62 per cent majority” – a reference to the combined vote share of the opposition parties in the last federal election. Liberal Leader Stephane Dion […]

A hint of Harper’s do-nothing stance on the economic crisis.

This blogpost this AM by the Mound of Sound over at his blog kind of got lost today in all the prorogue shuffle, but it’s a rather blatant example not only of the apparent lack of respect that the current Democratic Congress (and perhaps by extension, the new incoming Obama administration) has for the Harper government, but also underscores what little the Harper government has done on the economic crisis to date, and why they’re in the mess that they’re currently in – prorogue giving them a reprieve notwithstanding. Here’s part of the quote Mound listed from

When Clement and Bryant came to town to confer about help for […]

Some thoughts on poroguement.

So Harper got his prorogue request approved from the GG – but only after taking about 2 hrs to apparently convince her she should. That means Parliament is on hold until Jan 26th. I’m disappointed but not entirely unsurprised. So, here are my thoughts on the press conference he held after, which I can sum up this way:

– The mess that was created by me wasn’t actually my fault and I have nothing to apologize for.

– I’m going to try and woo opposition (see Liberal) MP’s to work with me.

– We need to rebuild trust (though how you think you’re the person to do that after this […]

Waiting on the Governor-General..

So we’re all waiting for the G-G’s decision, and this blogpost may be obsolete 5 seconds after I post it.. but I have to think that as I write this: 80 minutes into the meeting with the G-G and counting as of this writing, that Harper may yet get his prorogue, but the G-G obviously wasn’t going to just give it to him without an argument.

In fact, I think that he’s either begging her to give it to him.. or he’s threatening her. I don’t put it past the guy.

Harper to ask Governor-General for prorogue tomorrow.

..or that’s what I’m guessing, but he’s going to be visiting her Excellency at 9:30 am tomorrow AM, and the only reason I can gather that he’s going is to ask/plead/threaten Jean for a prorogue of the House.. unless he drops by occasionally to have a coffee with her, and just wanted to make the announcement to psych everyone out.

Cons. looking for floor-crossers and “traitors” to save them.

That’s my interpretation of London Centre-North Liberal MP Glen Pearson’s blogentry yesterday:

“Well, it’s just a mess. I was approached by three Conservatives today to help support them, saying that I was an honest broker type and that my voice would be respected. But when I asked them if they would just quit playing this kind of brinksmanship and retreat to a position of non-partisanship and accommodation, they quietly moved away. And there’s the problem: if it won’t start with the Conservatives, it won’t start at all. They are the government and the responsibility lies with them. Their lack of refined leadership has ultimately led to a lack of productivity.”


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