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Things I learned today

– I learned my 3 year old niece’s favourite show on TV is watching “Little House On The Prairie” reruns, and she watches it every day — in fact, demands to know when it is on so she can watch it. She also knows all the character names off by heart.

– Coming home from my brother’s place and listening to one of the London radio stations in the car, I learned that amazingly, I can still remember what age I was when certain songs that were being played on “Solid Gold Night” from the 1980’s were popular. Among those that stirred a memory of early teenage bliss – Eddy […]


Guest Blogpost: I read the budget and all I got was a lousy $166!

So even when you accept that giving more money to middle-class cranks like me and my friends is the best way to further long-term economic activity, this budget falls short when it comes to the kind of savings that would propel any of us to alter our perceptions or our behaviour to create the turn-around the press releases and the documents claim. […]


More thoughts on the Liberal Budget strategy – a method to the madness?

As you might have caught yesterday, I was actually not exactly pleased with the strategy Ignatieff and the Liberals went with on their approach to the Budget – I made it rather clear that I thought if they weren’t going to bring the government down, they could have been a lot tougher in what they were asking for in the way of amendments.

But I have to admit, after seeing all these Conservatives in angst and grief and anger, first at the series of blog reports that James Bowie did, (some of those are here and here), and now this and this (which by the way, has amused me to […]


Thoughts on the Liberal Budget strategy

I’m not as, um, enthusiastic as some about putting this “government on probation” strategy, or putting them on a tight lease strategy, because I’m not sure that the Liberals are really doing that.

Even in the “leaked” report that Steve was quoting from Bob Fife at his blogpost had the Liberals at least demanding that changes be made to the EI and infrastructure portion of the budget ( along with the requirement of reports 3 times a year back to Parliament), but in the Liberal Press release, that first portion isn’t even mentioned – all we’re doing is proposing an amendment that the government be required to report to […]


One quick question about this infrastructure spending..

I see that the Conservatives are going to spend 12 billion $ on infrastructure projects, conditional upon the provinces and the municipalities coming up with 9 billion$ of their own before the upgrades will get started.

My question is: where do the Conservatives think their “partners” -and I’m thinking here in particular of the municipalities – are going to get these extra billions of dollars? It seems to me like a throw-away part of this Budget, where they won’t spend on any of these projects because the other levels of government didn’t have the money. They’ll just shrug their shoulders and say “oh well – they didn’t meet the […]


Budget musings

In brief, all these Conservative leaks have shown us what part of their Budget is the spending part. We’re going to soon find out what exactly they’ve done on the tax cuts front. There has been hints that these will be targeted at the middle class, and that they will be “permanent”. Michael Ignatieff is on record publicly saying he thinks any tax cuts should be targeted at the poor, and lower income Canadians, because tax cuts across the board will likely result in most people saving that money or paying off debt, not spending it to create stimulus and help the economy – an argument that Paul Krugman (Nobel […]


Conservatives: you only have a half-day to leak even more of the Budget.

Seriously, after John Baird decided to get in on the “orchestrated leak” strategy the Conservatives have for the Budget, I don’t know if there are any Cabinet ministers left that could be trotted out to leak something in the Budget pertinent to their department.

They have less then a half day now to do so, so they’d better get on it quick.

By the way, in case you missed it.. all these leaks are part of what’s supposed to be what it looks like in the Conservative government with “grownups running the Budget process”.

Colour me unimpressed if this is the best they can do or act.


A thought on all this orchestrated Budget leaking.

I saw courtesy of Impolitical yet more “hints” and leaking as to what the Budget will contain. You know, at one point not too long ago in Budget history, ANY leak of details regarding a Budget would cause serious repercussions – up to and including a faster release of a Budget then its original date (remember Michael Wilson doing that in the Mulroney era?) and even the resignation of the Finance Minister – with a full investigation of where the leak came from almost certainly to follow.

Now, we not only have leaks, but government orchestrated leaks, including and up to the Prime Minister himself, openly signaling that he will […]


Harper continues to support Guantanamo Bay and the “process”

If you’re still wondering whether Harper would now reconsider his and his government’s hardline stance on Omar Khadr and repatriating him, now that Obama has suspended his trial and promised to close down Guantanamo Bay prison, the interview he did with the Ottawa Citizen should erase that notion, and I’m sure Peter MacKay, who publicly mused that the Conservatives should reconsider their position on Khadr, has been told by Harper and the PMO to shut up.

The interview by Harper does however give you a glimpse of why Canada is the only Western country that has a national in Guantanamo Bay, and some insight into our PM’s George Bush/Dick Cheney […]


Harper asking Canadians to support his Budget without knowing the details?

According to CAITI Online, the Canadian government is running radio ads pleading with Canadians to phone their MP’s asking them to support the Budget. I haven’t heard these, so I’ll take CAITI’s word for it, but one presumes this is aimed at people who live in a riding occupied by an opposition MP, since I’m sure the Conservative MP’s won’t need any external pressure to do so.

It’s interesting that the Conservatives are doing this (if true). I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear them releasing such ads AFTER the Budget was tabled, but doing it before the release and asking Canadians to do it based on no specifics is […]

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