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Things I learned today

– I learned my 3 year old niece’s favourite show on TV is watching “Little House On The Prairie” reruns, and she watches it every day — in fact, demands to know when it is on so she can watch it. She also knows all the character names off by heart.

– Coming home from my brother’s place and listening to one of the London radio stations in the car, I learned that amazingly, I can still remember what age I was when certain songs that were being played on “Solid Gold Night”  from the 1980’s were popular. Among those that stirred a memory of  early teenage bliss – Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue” and The Romantics “Talking In Your Sleep”.

– I  learned that even in whiteout and blowing snow conditions, some drivers shouldn’t be having a license.

– I learned that even when its not snowing out, a 50 km/hr wind can cause 5 feet drifts in one’s driveway, and that one better have a snowblower or a friendly neighbour with a tractor and plow handy.. because a mere snowshovel is feeble in attempting to clear it (while said 50 km/hr wind is still howling as you attempt to shovel)

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