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Jim Travers to Liberals: get feisty (sort of).

Jim Travers’ Op-Ed in the Toronto Star this Saturday AM leads with this attention-grabbing line:

Stephen Harper says he’s ready to fight an election over a (3 billion $) Conservative slush fund. Michael Ignatieff should call the bluff.

However, he later says an election wouldn’t be in the national interest now… yikes, make your mind up, Jim. 😉

But, he does suggest before the Liberals pull the plug, they should give the Conservatives a way out, by demanding that independent accountability is there to oversee the spending of this 3 billion$ as a precondition to supporting the financial statement:

As a condition for continuing Liberal support of the budget still […]


Friday wonks and freaks

First, if you’re a wonk about electoral reform, you can’t do any better right now on the blogosphere then Danielle’s blogposts the past couple of days of why Liberals should be supporting such changes. You might not agree with her POV, but it’s still a series of well written pieces. Her latest blogpost today is trying to convince her fellow members why they should support a Preferential balloting type of electoral system (I don’t need convincing; I’ve written enough the past couple of years on my dislike of First Past The Post). I’m with her on this line:

..if you wonder why I don’t take a clear stand for IRV […]


No tears will be shed in this corner…

.. if National Newswatch is right that a Canadian media giant will be filing for bankruptcy protection tomorrow, and J-rad is correct in his surmising that it will be Canwest Media doing the filing.

One less right-wing media outlet & 1 less right-wing rag (as in the National Post) in this country doesn’t bother me 1 bit (though of course, it will take some time to put the stake through the heart if they do get bankruptcy protection).

Perhaps the right wing blogging community can start a fund-raising drive to help them out, since they’ve all been getting granted guest posting privileges of late over there.


Quit the pandering (or be more subtle about it).

A memo to Mr.Ignatieff:

I agree we should not single out regions in Canada when running a political campaign, and I get that you’re trying to be more competitive out in Western Canada, but I agree with my colleague Steve over at Far and Wide: I think you’re making your pandering to the West and the oilpatch out there far too obvious (That’s tarsands, Mr Ignatieff.. not the attempted sterile term of “oilsands” that even you have taken to using of late). When even the Alberta government sounds more moderate then you when they call the National Geographic article on the tarsands “fair”, I think you should be dialing back […]


Choose my new blogsite – Addenum

Alright.. so the vote for picking what theme you liked on here was actually pretty close, but I was going to let the vote go for awhile, and decided to work a little bit with the current theme by adding widgets for the sidebar stuff, lengthening out the text area body to type in.. and so on.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that while that theme looks nice.. its coding is very complex and was a pig to easily modify. I got to the point of having both sidebars down at the bottom of the footer 🙁 . So, I’ve decided rather then pull my hair out and try to get everything […]


The American right-wing pundits have heartburn.

Rich Lowery from the National Review on Obama’s sorta-State of The Union address last night:

He’s trying to redefine extensive government activism as simple pragmatism, and if he succeeds, might well shift the center of American politics for a generation.

You can almost see the fear in Rich’s eyes when you read this, can’t you?

Oh, and I can’t forget Bill Kristol, one of the neo-conservative war-mongers down there:

This was not the speech of a man who even contemplates the possibility of using force within the next year to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Heh.. no more foreign wars, and that’s a bad thing, Bill?

The […]


User feedback on the blog theme you like

I’m considering changing my blogsite’s look with a different theme, but I’m undecided on where I should keep the current one or go with the new one. So, I’ve created a poll for my blog readers to vote on to see which one they like better. […]


Conservative historical revisionism

I was just thinking how much of that has gone on lately when I was reading Impolitical’s blogpost about what the latest talking points for Conservative operatives admirers seems to be on major media sites. It isn’t just CTV either.. you see it on the Globe and Mail all the time, and you’ve seen it increasingly on the Toronto Star’s online comments section.

What amused me last week during Obama’s visit was how Conservatives were falling over each other repeatedly trying to claim how much Harper and Obama were alike, how their policies were going to be similar, and how things were going to be great with these 2, and […]


Devil’s Advocate.

Aaron Wherry over at Macleans writes this thoughtful piece where he asks the question if Michael Ignatieff condones torture or not. His answer can be summed up as he thinks Ignatieff does not, but his propensity for debating himself in public has led to some accusing him of that. (Read the whole article – its a good read).

My own thoughts on that are this: personally, I consider myself on the left of the Liberal Party, and I disagree with some of the public policy positions Ignatieff has advanced since his ascent to the Liberal leadership. I do think he is more of a “centrist” Liberal – particularly on foreign […]


Beware of false prophets.

The current Minister of Immigration “Curry in a Hurry”, Jason Kenney would be one such person that this title would apply to. Don’t believe for a second that his attempt (and the Conservatives in general) to curry favour among Canada’s ethnic communities is anything more then pandering for votes, as past statements from Kenney and Harper would show they hardly have any natural sensitivity towards this demographic.

I would hope that Minister Kenney is just as outraged by this nickname given to him by his Conservative colleagues as he supposedly was when he did the sideshow Bob act at that Chinese restaurant a couple of weeks ago, but I won’t […]

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